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If you’re seeking education and job preparation for the horse industry, consider College of Central Florida. CF offers classroom and hands-on learning opportunities in a two-year format. Our focus is to provide you with the business and science skills essential for success in the equine industry. The Ocala area is home to more than 700 horse farms representing nearly every discipline of the horse industry, from Thoroughbred racing to Western to driving to jumpers. 

There are hundreds of different jobs that our graduates can pursue. Those wanting hands-on work with horses are well qualified to work as assistant farm manager, broodmare manager, training manager, assistant trainer, equine veterinary technician or even run their own horse business such as boarding, breeding or training. Many other jobs support the retail sales industry, such as on-farm sales, feed sales, tack store manager or supplement sales. Another large category is the service sector with jobs such as massage therapist, farrier, show groom, tack repair, photography or marketing. While the Equine Studies program at CF may not teach you all of the specific aspects of a career such as farrier or massage therapist, we develop your business and equine science skills to maximize a successful business enterprise.

Students may seek a specialized Associate in Science degree in the following areas:

Certifications available:

  • Certified Horsemanship Association - Students will be eligible to sit for certification upon successful completion of ANS 1236 Introduction to Equine Science, ANS 2232C Horse Handling and Safety, ANS 1238C Equine Behavior and Psychology, ANS 1237C Equine Health Care and ANS 2403 Equine Nutrition.

In addition, students may complete the following College Credit Certificates, either as individual programs, or while completing their Associate in Science in Equine Studies.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Identify veterinary terminology and illustrate equine health practices.
  • Analyze equine nutrient requirements and evaluate equine diets.
  • Identify and analyze normal and abnormal equine behaviors.
  • Perform safe horse handling techniques.
  • Evaluate equine management and housing systems.
  • Demonstrate employable skills including communication, ethics and responsibility.


Program Manager:Dr. Judy Downer
downerj@cf.edu352-854-2322, ext. 1220
Ocala Campus, Building 9, Room 102B

Educational Advisor, Business, Technology and Workforce: Karen Tolson 
352-854-2322, ext. 1593
Ocala Campus, Bryant Student Union, Room 201

Graduates of this program are eligible to be enrolled in the CF Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management program. For more information, contact Jo-anne Holleran, 352-854-2322, ext. 1560.

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