Assistance for Students

Professor helping a studentThe college offers the following programs and services to help you prepare for coursework, stay in school and meet life's everyday challenges.

Career Services - The Talent Center offers job placement assistance to CF students and alumni.

Counseling Services - Receive free help from a licensed mental health counselor.

Online Mental Health Screening - Anonymous screening to help you assess how you are feeling.

Disability Services - A wide range of services are available to students with physical, learning and psychological disabilities.

Educational Opportunity Center - From earning your GED to applying for Financial Aid, the EOC can help you with all your goals.

Educational Talent Search - Free program for 8th-12th graders that offers vocational, career and college guidance.

Suicide Prevention - Resources for those concerned about self-harm.

Emergency Financial Assistance (Patriot Fund) - Assistance for students dealing with unexpected financial emergencies.

Testing and Assessment Services - Variety of admission and placement tests for academic and vocational programs.

Assistance for Students

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