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Thank you for your commitment to excellence in guiding students to their educational goals. The College of Central Florida wants to make every effort to assist you, no matter the inquiry. The titles below are linked to the most frequently accessed information as it relates to high school students and their transition to CF. Please email if you are unable to locate the necessary information.

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Encourage your students to tour any of our three campuses or centers (Citrus, Levy, Marion). Students can easily request a tour at

High School Transcript Submission

Graduating seniors will need an official record of their graduation for full admission into the College. Public, private and home school students must show completion. An official high school transcript will meet this requirement in most cases. For a transcript to be considered official it must:

  • Come directly from the issuing high school
  • If in an electronic format be sent to
  • If sent via physical mail the transcript must me in its original, sealed envelope, if it is opened, it is no longer considered official.

The transcript must contain the student’s full name, date of birth, cumulative GPA and record of graduation. If transcript was issued before the date of graduation and if final grades and GPA were not published, it will be considered partial.

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