Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production, College Credit Certificate

2018-2019 Catalog

6330: College Credit Certificate in Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production (15 Credit Hours)

CIP: 50.0102

FL CIP: 0650010208

SOC Code: 27-4099

This certificate provides students with a strong foundation in digital media that empowers them to adapt and respond to dynamic trends in web technologies. This program allows students to engage in practical, hands-on, realistic projects using the latest technologies, software, and equipment to produce innovative projects that communicate effectively and persuasively. Courses introduce students to web development using industry standards in design, development, security and interactivity. The curriculum covers techniques using standard markup and scripting platforms for creating and editing web pages with multimedia content. It also includes basic visual principles for web design.

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Program Courses

DIG 2000Introduction to Digital Media3
DIG 2100Web Design I3
DIG 2101Web Design II3
GRA 2751CVisual Design for Web3
DIG 2592Advanced Web Design3

Total Credit Hours: 15


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