Marketing and Public Relations

The Marketing and Public Relations Department at CF facilitates communication between the college and its stakeholders — students, employees and the community. This page highlights some of our services; to request a service, visit


The office creates and coordinates placement of all college advertising, including newspaper and magazine, online and other media to support enrollment and promote college events. The college has negotiated special rates to ensure the best use of college funds.

Communications Center

The Communications Center, located in the lobby of the Ewers Century Center, responds to inquiries for information and directs phone calls. The center disseminates emails to employees and provides Ocala Campus tours for new employees, as requested.

Community Relations

Marketing and Public Relations assists with outreach and community events, including receptions, award programs, community initiatives, etc.

Media Relations

The office serves as the news bureau for the college, creating and distributing news releases about college events and accomplishments, as well as handling media inquiries. Requests for the office to create a news release should be directed to; ideally at least one month prior to the event or immediately following presentation of an award or honor. The CF Brand and Style Guide contains a section on working with the media. The president or a designee serves as spokesperson for the college. It is important for college employees to contact Lois Brauckmuller, 352-873-5845, if they are contacted directly by the media. In the event of a campus emergency, the office coordinates college communications.

Website is the college’s primary marketing tool. Marketing maintains the site with input from content managers throughout the college.


The department produces all college print materials such as Connection magazine, Insider employee newsletter, annual reports and more. 


All printed materials created for nonclassroom use should be submitted to marketing for proofreading. Submit items for proofreading to

Social Media

Marketing manages the college’s presence on Facebook and Instagram. You may request that information of collegewide interest be posted on the college Facebook page,

Brand and Style Guide

The CF Brand and Style Guide provides information to facilitate clear and consistent messaging, which is ultimately a reflection on our role as a learning institution. It includes a summary of Associated Press style (the basis for CF style guidelines), basic design principles, quick reference for addresses, and much more.

Marketing and Public Relations

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