Campus Safety & Security Services

Protecting college property, students, faculty and staff. 

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes have been strategically placed in parking lots and common areas at Ocala and Citrus campuses. These boxes are solar powered and run on the college's radio network. Call box locations can be viewed on the college map as yellow circles with a telephone receiver.

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones have been installed in buildings at Ocala and Citrus campuses and the Hampton Center. Telephones in the Learning Resources Center, Bryant Student Union, Ewers Century Center and University Center allow calls off campus. Telephones at other locations connect directly to the Public Safety Office.

Automated External Defibrillators, AEDs

AEDs are available in the event an individual goes into cardiac distress and may be utilized until emergency personnel arrive on scene. Public Safety Officers and some college personnel have been trained in the use of the AEDs.

Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs are available to assist individuals who require evacuation from a multistory building. All multistory buildings have evacuation chairs located in a stairwell; the Ewers Century Center has two evacuation chairs.

Vehicle Assistance

Public Safety can provide assistance to jump start a vehicle or open a vehicle if keys have been locked inside. Provide vehicle location and description when calling for assistance.

Lost and Found

Inquire about lost or misplaced items in the Public Safety Office at your campus or center. If the item has not been turned in, you may provide your name, contact number, description of the item and your location on the site. When items are turned in Public Safety makes every effort possible to contact the owner so ensure your contact information is up to date with the college. Unclaimed items are held for 60 days; items are then donated to a local charity.

Campus Safety & Security

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