Silent Witness Program

The Silent Witness Form below is for students, faculty and staff to report suspicious and/or criminal activity to Public Safety anonymously. Anonymous tips help us investigate suspicious activity and crimes. The information provided will be checked and later used for investigations and statistical data. If you prefer to fill out a hard-copy form, you can access it here.

If you have been a victim and/or witness to a crime or other incident on campus and would like to report it ANONYMOUSLY, please fill out the form below. You will not be identifiable to the Department of Public Safety unless you choose to leave your name and contact information. It is OPTIONAL.

This helps us receive crime and incident reports and/or suspicious activity on campus. You may possibly be helping someone you know. If you have any questions about the program, please call 352-852-2322, ext 1261; email or stop by the Public Safety Office at any of our campuses or locations.


Silent Witness Form
Remember, all reporting is handled as ANONYMOUS unless you check the contact me check box and add your personal information.

Are you a
Date of incident
Time of incident
Location of incident
Tell us about the incident
Describe person(s)/suspect(s) (i.e., name, physical description, vehicle description, etc.)
Upload photo or file if available, optional

OPTIONAL - if you would like a response or care to give your contact information please do so below. You do NOT need to give us this information to click submit. If you include your email, you will receive a copy of your submittal.
Remember this is OPTIONAL!

Leaving your name is your choice
Optional Phone Number if you would like to be contacted

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