How to apply

What type of student are you?

First Time in College

Students who have never attended a college or university after high school.

Dual Enrollment

Current Citrus, Marion or Levy county public high school students, participating private high school students, or home school students, who wish to take college-level classes through Dual Enrollment.

Returning or Readmit Student

Students who have previously applied or enrolled in classes at CF. 

Transfer Student

Students who have attended a college or university after high school. 

Transient Student

Students who are currently enrolled at a college or university, but want to enroll in courses at CF in order to transfer completed credits back to their current school.

Bachelor Degree Student

Students who have already completed an Associate level or higher degree, and want to apply for a Bachelor's degree.

International Student

Students who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Resident, and either already have or need an F-1 visa.

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Students who wish to study recreational courses, non-credit courses, or take Adult Enrichment courses.


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