CF Graduation Tickets

To ensure that each graduate has an opportunity for friends or family to attend, CF will require tickets for admittance to the commencement ceremony.

Each guest, including infants and toddlers, must have a ticket. Each graduate will receive at least four guest tickets, and possibly more, depending on the number of confirmed candidates attending the ceremony. The ticketing process is designed to allow every graduate to have someone sitting in the auditorium on this special day, and for the safety of all attending.

We use University Tickets as our vendor for issuing, processing, and collecting tickets at the ceremony. Tickets will be electronic or can be printed. This process is similar to ticketing for concerts, movies and other events. Graduates will be notified in early April via email that tickets are available. They will use the MyCF student portal to log in and claim their tickets. If they claim fewer than what is available, those extra tickets will be made available for graduates who need more tickets.

Graduates will also be issued a ticket to ensure an accurate headcount for each ceremony. This is in addition to the tickets reserved for guests.

Unclaimed tickets and any remaining tickets available after the guaranteed ticket pickup deadline will be made available on approximately December 2.

When graduates and guests arrive at the ceremony, their ticket will be scanned for entry. We will use the graduate tickets mentioned above to ensure an accurate headcount. Once a guest ticket is scanned and the guest enters, that ticket will no longer be valid. If the guest leaves the building, their ticket will not allow re-entry since it will have already been scanned. No guests will be allowed in the building without a valid ticket. The ceremony begins at 5 p.m. and will also be televised via webcast with a link posted on the graduation home page the morning of graduation. 

Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Will my guests need tickets to the graduation ceremony?

Yes. Every guest will need a ticket to attend the ceremony. Candidates are responsible for distributing tickets to their guests prior to the ceremony.

How many tickets will I get?

To safely accommodate you and your guests, each candidate will receive at least four guest tickets with their assigned ceremony printed on the ticket. Additional tickets may be available after December 2. Candidates will also receive a ticket to ensure an accurate headcount for each ceremony.

Do I need to buy a new cap and gown for graduation?

Yes. CF is using a new style and material for the cap and gown. Those who order the new cap and gown will receive the new style of tassel, which includes a custom CF logo medallion.

Are my tickets for reserved seats or general admission?

There is no reserved seating. Seating for all graduation ceremonies is on a first-come, first-served basis for those with tickets. Guests with tickets will be seated beginning one hour before the ceremony. Fall commencement begins promptly at 5 p.m. and includes Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, certificate, and bachelor's degree graduates. 

Question: Where do I get my tickets for guests?

Detailed instructions for how and when to get your tickets will be sent vial email to your Patriots email account. Please note that ticket distribution is based upon the actual number of candidates participating in the ceremony and the seating capacity of the facility. All seats are general admission.

Tickets for guests requiring accessible seating at the commencement ceremony are available upon request. For more information on accessibility accommodations, please contact Dr. Victoria Colleli at 352-854-2322, ext. 1580.

What happens if I don’t get my tickets by the deadline?

Unclaimed tickets and any remaining tickets available after the guaranteed ticket deadline will be made available on approximately December 2.

CF reserves the right to cancel tickets for any reason.


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