Transfer Students

Financial aid does not automatically transfer from one post-secondary institution to another during the academic year.

In most cases, the student must re-apply for aid. If you plan to transfer to CF from another college during the award year:

  • Contact the FAO at CF and the FAO at the institution you currently attend for transfer policies.
  • Add CF’s Title IV Code (001471) to your Student Aid Report via an electronic correction:
    • 1. Go to the website listed on your copy of the Student Aid Report in Step 6 ( You may use any computer with Internet access (home, Enrollment Services Center, College Skills Lab, etc.).
    • 2. You must use your FSA ID to access your record online. This was sent to you from the government. If you lost your FSA ID, you may request another ID be sent to you.
    • 3. Enter college code #001471 in Step 6 question #104a. Be sure you have listed the correct housing code in question #104b.

A new Student Aid Report will be sent to you showing all corrections (changes) that you have made. Check the school section to ensure that CF is listed. If so, you will receive from CF: a letter indicating if you need to turn in documents; a letter of eligibility (e.g., award notice); or a letter of ineligibility (e.g., no need, suspension). Please go to CF's Website for any requested forms or if you have any other questions regarding your file, contact the FAO.

  • If you are selected for verification, you must submit all supporting documentation to CF. Each institution is responsible for verifying every selected student prior to awarding aid.
  • If you are receiving aid from the State of Florida (FSAG, FSAG-CE, Bright Futures, etc.) contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance in Tallahassee at (888) 827-2004 if you have questions. Florida Student Assistance Grants may not be transferable from one institution to another.
  • If you received a professional judgment or dependency override decision from the previous institution, you must appeal to CF and provide documentation. It is each individual schools decision to determine professional judgment decisions. What has been granted at one institution does not necessarily mean it will be granted at another. It is at the schools discretion in accordance with their policies.
  • If you are receiving a Federal Stafford Loan (Subsidized or Unsubsidized) or PLUS Loan, you must cancel the loan with the school you are now attending and reapply at CF. CF participates only in the Federal Direct Loan Program. Your loan limit at CF will depend on the loan amount you have already received for the award year.
  • Transfer students must meet CF Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. All academic transcripts must be on file and evaluated by the CF Admissions office before aid is awarded.

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