CF Equestrian Club

Students are encouraged to dream big and pursue activities that interest them with guidance from faculty and staff supervisors.

2015 Western Team

Student activities outside of the classroom are an important part of college life. The Equestrian Club is a student organization where club members entertain guest speakers from the equine industry, visit farms, volunteer at horse shows and participate in college-wide activities. One recent activity was hosting a debate on animal rights versus animal welfare. Another activity was helping out a local rescue for horses. 

The CF Equine Studies Equestrian Club is not currently participating in intercollegiate horse shows. We will be offering students the opportunity to pursue skill development and competition goals through our new course, Equine Practicum, ANS1942, which is now offered each semester. This is an internship or working student type experience with a community professional that allows students to gain college credit for their work.

The club will be actively engaged in other opportunities throughout the year including participation in educational trips and fun activities as identified and planned by club members. These might include a visit to the veterinary school, HITS horse shows, the upcoming International 3 Day Event at the Ocala Jockey Club, or participation in clinics and trail rides through the Florida forest.

See the Equine Studies Facebook page for updates and events.

Equine Studies

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