Early Childhood Conference

Poster for Early Childhood Conference 201931st Early Childhood Conference

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 7:15 a.m.- 4 p.m.

The Early Childhood Education Conference is held annually to provide continuing education units to early child care providers. Participants will receive 8 hours of in-service training and .8 CEU’s. 

This conference brings together more than 500 early education and care providers. Dozens of workshops provide information on best practices and techniques to engage and nurture children. Participants enjoy more than 30 breakout sessions during this daylong conference. They receive information on developmentally appropriate activities and skills that can be used daily in working with children. 

It’s a great opportunity to network and collaborate with leaders of local and state agencies, and exchange ideas and share successes with peers. Participants will have access to commercial and educational exhibits that showcase the latest in early childhood materials, books, training and educational aids for review and/or purchase. Participants learn, share, and grow professionally!

For more information contact Bebe Rahaman at rahamanb@cf.edu, or call 352-854-2322, ext. 1405.

Reimbursement for the Early Bird Registration Fee is available through the Early Learning Coalition of Marion County if funding is available. Contact Ruby Phillips for additional information at 352-369-2315, ext. 238.

Photo of Lillian HublerKeynote Speaker

Mrs. Lillian I. Hubler

Mrs. Lillian I. Hubler is the founder and president of Time to Sign, Inc. She is the most effective sign language trainer for young children’s educators. Her presentations are educational best practices, engaging and fun. Lillian brings sign language into life for visual learning, social and emotional readiness, and classroom and behavior management best practices.

Photo of Michael HublerFeatured Speaker

Dr. Michael S. Hubler

Ways to Promote Social-Emotional Learning

Participants learn ways with which they can promote better behavior and learning through positive reinforcement. Make the most of your time with your children to enhance their learning and behavior by capitalizing on every opportunity to teach social and emotional skills to your young children.

Photo of Mrs. Adrienne DonaldsonFeatured Presenter

Mrs. Adrienne Donaldson

Adrienne Donaldson, owner of Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC, and Jitta Bug Professional Development, Professional Development Officer for Florida Family Child Care Home Association.

Today I’m Chatty... Tomorrow I’m in my Feelings

Let’s explore how to teach children to calm down when frustrated or upset as we dive into the development of social and emotional skills. Learn how these skills help us manage emotions, build relationships, and understand to respect others feelings. Activities and resources will be provided to help children and families support social and emotional development.

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