Gainful Employment

and Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program Information

The U.S. Department of Education under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires reporting of disclosure information on Gainful Employment programs. Gainful Employment programs include only programs of at least one-academic year in length, lead to a certificate or other non-degree recognized credential, and prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

Accounting Technology Management, 6245
Business Management Certificate, 6241 
Child Development Early Intervention, 6205
Criminal Justice Specialist, 6320
Dental Assisting, 5510
Equine Assistant Manager, 6278 
Information Technology Analysis, 6249
Law Enforcement Officer, 7295 
Medical Information Coder/Biller, 6345
Office Management, 6240 
Paramedic Program, 6232
Scientific Workplace Preparation, 6325Surgical Technology, 7224 
Welding Technologies, 7281 

Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program

The Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program, FETPIP, is a data collection and consumer reporting system established by Florida Statutes Section 1008.39 to provide follow-up data on former students and program participants who have graduated, exited or completed a public education or training program within the State of Florida. 

2014-2015 FETPIP Data

2014-2015 Associate in Arts Completers 
2014-2015 Associate in Science Completers 
2014-2015 Postsecondary Adult Vocational Completers
2014-2015 Postsecondary Vocational Certificate Completers

Gainful Employment

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