Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Enrollment

What materials should be included in the application packet?

  • Dual Enrollment Parent Approval Form
  • PERT, ACT or SAT official test score reports
  • High school transcript (public/private schools) or grade report (home school)
  • Home school students only - letter from home education office in your district.

What do I need to bring to Registration Day? (Marion County Students Only)

How do I register for my dual enrollment classes if I am a Citrus or Levy county student?

How do I know which classes to take?

  • Go to Course Schedule Search. Use this schedule to look up the times and days of the available courses and then ask your guidance counselor for advice.

What are the cut-offs for passing test scores?









if taken before March 2016



if taken on or after March 2016

24Pending state approval; students must provide another test score.24



How do I register for one of these tests?

The two tests listed above require students to wait to receive the results.

PERT: This test is given at CF. Students receive their results as soon as they finish the exam. Students will need to bring the following:

  • $10 testing fee
  • Social security number
  • Photo identification

Visit or call 352-854-2322, ext. 1564 in Ocala, 352-249-1213 in Citrus County, or 352-658-4077 in Levy County to register. 

What critical dates and county specific information do students need to know for upcoming semesters?

Where is the CF Academic Calendar?

If I earn a D or F in a course but my other grades are high, can I continue in the dual enrollment program?

No, you will no longer be able to participate in the dual enrollment program.

If you experience difficulty with a course, do not wait to ask for help! 

  • Contact your instructor.
  • Contact your guidance counselor.
  • Contact a CF advisor for information about tutors and other college resources.

Dual Enrollment

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