Admission Requirements

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General Admission Requirements

Admission for college credit studies is open to all high school graduates, home school completers and GED recipients. It is essential that each applicant satisfactorily complete each phase of the admission process. Most degree programs at CF require an earned high school diploma or satisfactory completion of a high school equivalency examination. Most postsecondary certificate programs do not require a high school diploma. A candidate for admission is assured that the application will be reviewed and evaluated in a fair and impartial manner. No applicant will be refused admission on the basis of race, age, ethnic background, religious preference, disability, or gender.

In order to maintain the college ideals of scholarship and demeanor, the right is reserved to deny admission to applicants for any reason which is deemed to be in the best interest of the college.

After admission, subsequent registration for currently enrolled and former students is permitted when all college obligations have been satisfied.

When limited facilities or programs restrict the size of enrollment, admission to the college will be granted in the order in which applications have been received by the Student Records office. Exceptions to this rule, e.g. Associate in Science Degree Nursing (ADN) and certain occupational programs, are listed elsewhere in this catalog. Guidelines for eligibility into various programs are found within program descriptions in the catalog. Additional admission information may be obtained from the Student Records office.

Admissions, Enrollment & Records

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