Associate in Science Degree Requirements

2018-2019 Catalog

In addition to common core requirements noted under General Education Core Requirements, Associate in Science degree students must:

  1. Complete the specified number of hours of credit in an approved course of study as outlined for the program.
  2. Achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (C).
  3. Complete at least 25 percent of semester hours in residence at CF and attend during the semester the degree is earned.
  4. Effective fall 2005, competency in the use of computers is a requirement for all degree-seeking students. This requirement may be satisfied through one of the following options:
    • satisfactory completion of a proficiency examination
    • satisfactory completion of one of the following industry certifications, within the past five years: Microsoft Word, IC3, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, A+, Network+, Security+ or Server+
    • satisfactory completion of an approved college computer course, within the past five years (See below for applicable courses)

Students are strongly recommended to meet the computer competency requirement through one of the options listed above prior to the completion of 24 college level credit hours.

Computer Competency Course Options

Credit courses that meet the computer competency requirement are:

CET 1171Introduction to Computer Technology3
CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications3
CGS 1100HMicrocomputer Applications Honors3
CGS 1062HComputers in Society - Honors**3
CGS 2930Special Topics in Computers1
EME 2040Introduction to Technology for Educators3
OST 1100Introduction to Word3
SLS 1122First Year Seminar3
SLS 1501College and Career Success3

CET 1171: Occupational Course

CGS 2930: Introduction to Computer Skills sections only

Students wishing to take the computer competency proficiency exam may contact the Assessment and Testing Center, Bryant Student Union, Room 205.

The following courses have been approved to satisfy the computer competency requirement for students in Health Sciences programs:

DEA 1856Clinic III Seminar1
EMS 2658Paramedic Clinical Experience III5
NUR 2244CClinical Concepts IV7
NUR 2713CNursing IVA8
NUR 2734CNursing IV10
PHT 2931Trends in Physical Therapy1
RTE 1418CRadiographic Imaging I4


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