General Electives

2018-2019 Catalog

In addition to the common core courses, and the General Education course requirements, each A.A. degree-seeking student MUST complete 24 credit hours of the following general electives. The following courses may be used to satisfy the requirement for 24 elective hours. Gordon Rule courses from the General Education listings may also be used as electives, according to your planned field at a university. Gordon rule courses require a passing grade of C or better.

Art and Digital Media (Non-Gordon Rule)

ART 1201CBasic Design I3
ART 1300CFreehand Drawing I3
ART 1400Printmaking I3
ART 1500CPainting I3
ART 2750CCeramics I3
ART 2751CCeramics II3
ART 2203CBasic Design II3
ART 2301CFreehand Drawing II3
ART 2401Printmaking II3
ART 2501CPainting II3
ART 2701CSculpture I3
ART 2702CSculpture II3
DIG 2000Introduction to Digital Media3
DIG 2109CDigital Imaging and Fundamentals3
DIG 2280CDigital Video and Sounds3
DIG 2500Fundamentals of Interactive Media and Web Design3
GRA 2120CPaper Design and Layout3
GRA 2150CRaster Based Image Editing3
GRA 2156CDigital Illustration (Vector Based)3
GRA 2751CVisual Design for Web3

Business (Non-Gordon Rule)

ACG 2021Financial Accounting3
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting3
BUL 2241Business Law I3
FIN 2100Business Finance3
GEB 1011Introduction to Business3
GEB 1011HIntroduction to Business Honors3
GEB 2350Introduction to International Business3
MAN 2021Principles of Management3
MAR 2011Principles of Marketing3
OST 1100Introduction to Word3

Child Development and Education (Non-Gordon Rule)

CHD 1440CChild Care Practicum I3
CHD 1441CChild Care Practicum II3
EEC 2200Curriculum in Childhood Education3
EEC 2930Seminar in Childhood Education3
EEC 2001Introduction to Administration in Early Childhood Education3
EEC 1000Introduction to Child Development and Education3
EEC 1603Child Guidance3
EEC 2401Home and Community3
EEC 1921Preschool Workshop3
EEC 1907Observing and Recording Behavior3
EEX 2010Survey of Disabling Conditions3


ASL 1140Introduction to American Sign Language I4
ASL 1150Introduction to American Sign Language II4
CHI 1120Elementary Chinese I, Concentrated 4
CHI 1121Elementary Chinese II, Concentrated 4
CRW 2001Creative Writing I3
CRW 2002Advanced Creative Writing3
FRE 1120Elementary French I4
FRE 1121Elementary French II4
JOU 2100Introduction to Journalism and Newspaper Production3
MMC 1000Survey of Communications3
MMC 1101Writing for Mass Communication**3
SPC 2300Interpersonal Communication3
SPN 1120Elementary Spanish I4
SPN 1120HElementary Spanish I Honors4
SPN 1121Elementary Spanish II4
SPN 2220Intermediate Spanish I4
SPN 2221Intermediate Spanish II4

Computer and Information Science

CTS 2134Networking Fundamentals3
CGS 1062HComputers in Society - Honors**3
CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications3
CGS 1100HMicrocomputer Applications Honors3
CGS 2103Spreadsheet Applications3
CGS 2540Database Management Systems3
OST 1100Introduction to Word3
COP 2250Java Programming3

Criminal Justice

CCJ 1020Introduction to Criminal Justice System3
CJC 1000Crime and Punishment3
CJJ 1002Juvenile Delinquency3
CCJ 2013Criminal Victimization3
CJE 2061Policing in America3
CJL 2130Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures 3
CJE 2330Ethics in Criminal Justice3
CJE 2600Introduction to Criminal Investigation3


AML 2010Survey of American Literature I**3
AML 2010HHonors Survey of American Literature I**3
AML 2020Survey of American Literature II (19th-20th Centuries)**3
ENL 2000HHonors English Literature**3
ENL 2012English Literature I**3
ENL 2022English Literature II**3
PHI 2631Ethics and Business3
PHI 2930Special Topics in Philosophy3
REL 2210The Old Testament3
REL 2240The New Testament3
REL 2930Special Topics in Religion3

Mathematics (Non-Gordon Rule)

MAT 1033Intermediate Algebra3
MAE 2801Mathematics for Educators3

See courses in General Education section.

Music, Dance and Theatre

DAA 1000Introduction to Dance2
DAA 1100Modern Dance Techniques and Performance2
DAA 1101Modern Dance Techniques and Performance II2
DAA 1200Ballet I2
DAA 1201Ballet II2
DAA 1680Patriot Dance Ensemble1
MUE 2040Introduction to Music Education3
MUE 2450Woodwind Techniques2
MUN 1012Wind Symphony1
MUN 1270Concert Band1
MUN 1310Musical Theatre Ensemble2
MUN 1340Concert Choir1
MUN 1420Woodwind Ensemble1
MUN 1430Brass Ensemble1
MUN 1710Jazz Band1
MUN 1770Jazz/Pop Combo Ensemble1
MUT 1111Music Theory I3
MUT 1112Music Theory II3
MUT 2116Music Theory III3
MUT 2117Music Theory IV3
MVK 1111Class Piano I1
MVK 2121Class Piano III1
MVV 1111Class Voice1
THE 2925Production and Performance1
THE 2927Advanced Play Production3
TPA 1200CBasic Stagecraft3
TPA 1290Technical Theatre Lab1
TPA 2070Scene Painting3
TPA 2220Stage Lighting3
TPA 2212Sound Production for the Theatre3
TPP 2111Acting II3

Natural Sciences

BSC 2010LIntegrated Principles of Biology Laboratory I1
BSC 2011LIntegrated Principles of Biology Laboratory II1
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BSC 2086LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1
CHM 1025LIntroductory Chemistry Lab1
CHM 1032LChemistry for the Health-Related Fields Lab1
CHM 2045LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry II Lab1
CHM 2210LOrganic Chemistry I Lab1
CHM 2211LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
ESC 1000LEarth Science Lab1
MCB 2010LMicrobiology Lab1

Also see courses in General Education section.

Social Sciences

AMH 2010United States History To 18773
AMH 2070History of Florida3
AMH 2091Introduction to African-American History3
ANT 2140Introduction to Archaeology3
ANT 2825Anthropology Field School6
EDG 1413CClassroom Management3
EDF 2085Introduction to Diversity for Educators3
EME 2040Introduction to Technology for Educators3
EDP 2002Educational Psychology3
HIS 2955Studies Abroad in Civilization3
HUS 1551Cultural Diversity and Implications for Practice3
INR 2500Model United Nations3
ISS 2936HHonors Colloquium in Contemporary Social Issues1
LAH 2020Introduction to Latin American Civilization3
POS 2112State and Local Government3
PSY 2930Special Topics1
SYG 2340Human Sexuality and Society3
SYG 2430Marriage and the Family3


HSC 1171Stress Management and Emotional Health3
HSC 2140Drugs In Society3
HSC 2400First Aid3
HUN 1201Human Nutrition3
PEL 1011Team Sports I1
PEL 1012Team Sports II1
PEL 2013Team Sports III1
PEL 2014Team Sports IV1
PEO 1004Contemporary Coaching Concepts3
PEO 2621Basketball Fundamentals3
PET 1000Introduction to Physical Education3
PET 2622CCare and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3


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