Computer Information Technology, A.S.

2018-2019 Catalog

2295: A.S. Degree in Computer Information Technology (60 Credit Hours)

CIP: 11.0103

FL CIP: 1511010307

SOC: 15-1151, 15-1121

The Computer Information Technology program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of computer-related positions in business, industry and government. Students can customize their program of study by choosing electives that will develop their own interests in specific segments of the CIT industry. Students enrolled in the CIT program will also have the opportunity to complete two certificate programs within the Associate in Science program of study, providing credentials for additional employment opportunities upon graduation.

Additionally, for students considering the Management Information Systems track of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management program, A.S. degree electives can be tailored to permit students to complete a number of the prerequisites for upper-level coursework.

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Program Courses

CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications3
CET 1278A+ Fundamentals3
CGS 2557Internet Technologies3
CGS 2103Spreadsheet Applications3
CET 2180Practical PC Technician3
CIS 2321Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design3
CGS 2540Database Management Systems3
CTS 2651Router Fundamentals3
CTS 2134Networking Fundamentals3
CTS 2136PC Desktop Support3
COP 1030Fundamental Programming Concepts3
CTS 2143Server Fundamentals3
CTS 2120Security Fundamentals3

Program Electives

Choose 6 credit hours from the courses listed below:

CET 1171Introduction to Computer Technology3
CGS 1949Work Experience I3
CGS 1820Web Programming3
COP 2250Java Programming3
OST 2335Business Communications**3
ENC 1102Freshman Composition Skills II**3
CGS 2930Special Topics in Computers1
CGS 2930Special Topics in Computers1

CGS 2930: Introduction to Computer Skills and Overview of Microsoft Office

General Education Courses

ENC 1101Freshman Composition Skills I**3
One of the following:
MAC 1105College Algebra**3
MAC 2311Calculus I with Analytic Geometry**5
MGF 1106Liberal Arts Mathematics**3
MGF 1107Mathematical Explorations**3
STA 2023Elementary Statistics**3
STA 2023HHonors Elementary Statistics**3
One of the following:
ARH 1000Art Appreciation3
HUM 1020Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM 1020HHonors Introduction to the Humanities3
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature3
MUL 1010Music Appreciation3
PHI 2010Introduction to Philosophy3
THE 1000Theatre Appreciation3
One of the following:
AMH 2020United States History Since 18773
ANT 2000Introduction to Anthropology3
ECO 2013Principles of Economics - Macro3
ECO 2013HPrinciples of Economics - Macro Honors3
POS 2041American National Government3
PSY 2012General Psychology3
PSY 2012HHonors General Psychology3
SYG 2000Introductory Sociology3
One of the following:
AST 1002Descriptive Astronomy3
BSC 1005Introduction to Biology3
BSC 2010Integrated Principles of Biology I3
BSC 2085Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
CHM 1020Chemistry for Liberal Studies4
CHM 2045General Chemistry I3
ESC 1000Earth Science3
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science3
EVR 1001HIntroduction to Environmental Science Honors3
PHY 1020Elementary Physics for the Nonscience Majors3
PHY 1053CGeneral Physics I with Lab4
PHY 2048CGeneral Physics with Calculus I with Lab5

Total Credit Hours: 60


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