Child Development Early Intervention, College Credit Certificate

2018-2019 Catalog

6205: College Credit Certificate in Child Development Early Intervention (36 Credit Hours)

CIP: 19.0709

FL CIP: 0419070904

SOC: 25-2011

This program consists of entry-level courses that will prepare the completer for employment in the early childhood field. The program consists of additional courses including observing and recording behavior, home and community relations, field experiences, disabling conditions and early childhood education to provide quality training to the preschool teacher.

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Program Courses

EEC 2930Seminar in Childhood Education3
EEC 1000Introduction to Child Development and Education3
EEC 2200Curriculum in Childhood Education3
EEC 2001Introduction to Administration in Early Childhood Education3
EEC 2401Home and Community3
EEC 1603Child Guidance3
EEC 1921Preschool Workshop3
EEC 1907Observing and Recording Behavior3
EEX 2010Survey of Disabling Conditions3
CHD 1339Learning Through Play3
CHD 1440CChild Care Practicum I3
CHD 1441CChild Care Practicum II3

To comply with Florida state law, Chapter 402.305 2(a), each prospective student must be fingerprinted and undergo an FDLE Level II background screening. The cost of these procedures is the responsibility of the student. Information received is confidential and is required to determine the prospective student’s eligibility to work with children. Fingerprinting and background screening are required for CHD 1440C.

Total Credit Hours: 36


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