Equine Assistant Management, College Credit Certificate

2018-2019 Catalog

6278: College Credit Certificate in Equine Assistant Management (24 Credit Hours)

CIP: 01.0507

FL CIP: 0101050701

SOC: 45-1011

The Equine Assistant Manager certificate program is ideal for students who want to focus on only equine classes in a shorter program than the Associate in Science degree. This 24-credit program can be completed in a year and focuses on science and business skills essential to managing a horse farm or other equine business. The program has a core of six classes with two equine electives.

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Program Courses

AEB 2137CEquine Business Management3
ANS 1073CEquine Anatomy and Physiology3
ANS 1238CEquine Behavior and Psychology3
ANS 1237CEquine Health Care3
ANS 2403Equine Nutrition3

Three Equine Electives

Choose from:

ANS 1016Basic Horse Handling and Safety3
ANS 2232CAdvanced Horse Handling Skills3
ANS 1315Equine Reproduction3
ANS 1222Equine Sales and Marketing3
ANS 1223Equine Conformation Analysis3
ANS 1220Equine Sport and Competition3

Total Credit Hours: 24


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