Equine Technician, College Credit Certificate

2018-2019 Catalog

6295: College Credit Certificate in Equine Technician (15 Credit Hours)

CIP: 01.0507

FL CIP: 0101050703

SOC: 45-1011

The Equine Technician certificate is ideal for people new to horse ownership. Subjects such as pre-purchase examinations, nutrition, vaccination protocols, deworming, equine behavior and safe handling practices are addressed. All courses are taught in both online and classroom formats. All courses are a component of the Associate in Science degree in Equine Studies, enabling students to continue on for additional degrees.

View the Academic Pathway for this program at http://www.cf.edu/explore/academic-pathways/index.html.


Program Courses

ANS 1237CEquine Health Care3
ANS 1236Introduction to Equine Science3
ANS 1238CEquine Behavior and Psychology3
ANS 2403Equine Nutrition3
ANS 2232CAdvanced Horse Handling Skills3

Total Credit Hours: 15


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