Health Information Technology, A.S.

2018-2019 Catalog

2233: A.S. Degree Program in Health Information Technology (70 Credit Hours)

CIP: 51.0707

FL CIP: 1351070700

SOC: 29-2071

The Health Information Technology program is an Associate in Science degree designed to prepare the graduate to work with and manage health-related information in a variety of settings. Professional responsibilities include the collecting, storing, processing, retrieving, analyzing, disseminating and communicating of information related to reimbursement, research, planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care services. The Health Information Technology program is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education, 233 N. Michigan Avenue, 21st Floor, Chicago, IL 60601-5800. Graduating students will be eligible to take the national qualifying examination for certification as a Registered Health Information Technician. Students must attain a minimum grade of C in all required courses.

Students are encouraged to view the Health Information Technology Student Handbook for more information about the program.

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General Education Courses

ENC 1101Freshman Composition Skills I**3

One of the following:

MAC 1105College Algebra**3
MAC 2311Calculus I with Analytic Geometry**5
MGF 1106Liberal Arts Mathematics**3
MGF 1107Mathematical Explorations**3
STA 2023Elementary Statistics**3
STA 2023HHonors Elementary Statistics**3

One of the following:

ARH 1000Art Appreciation3
HUM 1020Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM 1020HHonors Introduction to the Humanities3
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature3
MUL 1010Music Appreciation3
PHI 2010Introduction to Philosophy3
THE 1000Theatre Appreciation3

One of the following:

AMH 2020United States History Since 18773
ANT 2000Introduction to Anthropology3
ECO 2013Principles of Economics - Macro3
ECO 2013HPrinciples of Economics - Macro Honors3
POS 2041American National Government3
PSY 2012General Psychology3
PSY 2012HHonors General Psychology3
SYG 2000Introductory Sociology3

All of the following:

BSC 2085Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BSC 2086Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
BSC 2086LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1

Program Core Courses

HIM 1800Introduction to Health Information Technology3
CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications3
HSC 2531Medical Terminology3
HIM 2211Health Information Systems3
HIM 2930Health Information Technology Special Topics3
HIM 2253CPT Coding3
HIM 1430Concepts of Disease3
HIM 2214Health Care Statistics3
HIM 2722ICD-10-CM Coding3
HIM 2260Medical Billing and Reimbursement3
HIM 2201Comparative Health Records3
HIM 2012Legal Aspects of Medical Records3
HIM 2723ICD-10-PCS Coding3
HIM 2442Pharmacology for HIM Professionals2
HIM 2510HIM Management Principles3
HIM 1949Practicum I - Acute Care Settings3
HIM 2941Coding Professional Practice Experience3

Total Credit Hours: 70


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