Supply Chain Management, A.S.

2018-2019 Catalog

2315: A.S. Degree in Supply Chain Management (63 Credit Hours)

CIP: 52.0209

FL CIP: 1652020901

SOC: 53-1031

The College of Central Florida offers Associate of Science program content that is broad-based to reflect the cross-functional relationships prevalent in supply chain management. Students are exposed to related business practices such as standard operating procedures, negotiation techniques, planning, organizing, and accounting concepts, purchasing, sustainability, warehousing, project management, quality control, import/export, and asset management theory. Emphasis is placed on understanding the planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution of goods and services while managing the complexity of operational linkages in a fast-paced global supply chain. Learning is promoted via team work, case studies, practitioner guest lectures, and visits to work sites.

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Program Core Courses

CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications3
GEB 1011Introduction to Business3
OST 2335Business Communications**3
ENC 1102Freshman Composition Skills II**3
MAN 2021Principles of Management3
ETI 1117Introduction to Quality Control3
ACG 2021Financial Accounting3
MAR 2011Principles of Marketing3
ECO 2023Principles of Economics - Micro**3
TRA 2154Introduction to Supply Chain Management3
TRA 2010Transportation and Distribution3
BUL 2241Business Law I3
MAN 2582Introduction to Project Management3
TRA 2131Purchasing and Inventory Management3
TRA 2230Warehouse Management3
FIN 2100Business Finance3

General Education Courses

ENC 1101Freshman Composition Skills I**3

One of the following:

MAC 1105College Algebra**3
MAC 2311Calculus I with Analytic Geometry**5
MGF 1106Liberal Arts Mathematics**3
MGF 1107Mathematical Explorations**3
STA 2023Elementary Statistics**3
STA 2023HHonors Elementary Statistics**3

One of the following:

ARH 1000Art Appreciation3
HUM 1020Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM 1020HHonors Introduction to the Humanities3
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature3
MUL 1010Music Appreciation3
PHI 2010Introduction to Philosophy3
THE 1000Theatre Appreciation3

One of the following:

ECO 2013Principles of Economics - Macro3
ECO 2013HPrinciples of Economics - Macro Honors3

One of the following:

AST 1002Descriptive Astronomy3
BSC 1005Introduction to Biology3
BSC 2010Integrated Principles of Biology I3
BSC 2085Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
CHM 1020Chemistry for Liberal Studies4
CHM 2045General Chemistry I3
ESC 1000Earth Science3
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science3
EVR 1001HIntroduction to Environmental Science Honors3
PHY 1020Elementary Physics for the Nonscience Majors3
PHY 1053CGeneral Physics I with Lab4
PHY 2048CGeneral Physics with Calculus I with Lab5

Total Credit Hours: 60


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