Radiography, A.S.

2018-2019 Catalog

2320: A.S. Degree in Radiography (77 Credit Hours)

CIP: 51.0907

FL CIP: 1351090700

SOC: 29-2034

The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a radiologic technologist. The program is dedicated to excellence in education and training and to quality and safety of patient care. The graduate of the program will be eligible for licensure in the state of Florida as a Certified Radiologic Technologist and to apply for admission to the certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This is a limited-access program. Please consult for information on limited-access programs. 

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General Education Courses

ENC 1101Freshman Composition Skills I**3
BSC 2085Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1
BSC 2086Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
BSC 2086LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1

One of the following:

MAC 1105College Algebra**3
MAC 2311Calculus I with Analytic Geometry**5
MGF 1106Liberal Arts Mathematics**3
MGF 1107Mathematical Explorations**3
STA 2023Elementary Statistics**3
STA 2023HHonors Elementary Statistics**3

One of the following:

PSY 2012General Psychology3
PSY 2012HHonors General Psychology3
SYG 2000Introductory Sociology3

One of the following:

ARH 1000Art Appreciation3
HUM 1020Introduction to the Humanities3
HUM 1020HHonors Introduction to the Humanities3
LIT 1000Introduction to Literature3
MUL 1010Music Appreciation3
PHI 2010Introduction to Philosophy3
THE 1000Theatre Appreciation3

Program Core Courses

RTE 1000Fundamentals of Radiologic Technology3
RTE 1503Radiographic Procedures I3
RTE 1503LRadiographic Procedures I Lab1
RTE 1804Clinical Education I2
RTE 1111Patient Care Procedures2
RTE 1111LPatient Care Procedures Lab1
RTE 1513Radiographic Procedures II3
RTE 1513LRadiographic Procedures II Lab1
RTE 1418CRadiographic Imaging I4
RTE 1814Clinical Education II2
RTE 1457CRadiographic Imaging II4
RTE 2613Radiation Physics I4
RTE 2130Pharmacology in Radiology2
RTE 1824Clinical Education III3
RTE 2385Radiation Biology3
RTE 2523Radiographic Procedures III3
RTE 2523LRadiographic Procedures III Lab1
RTE 2834Advanced Clinical Education IV3
RTE 2563Special Radiographic Procedures3
RTE 2782Radiographic Pathology3
RTE 2061Radiography Seminar3
RTE 2844Advanced Clinical Education V3

Total Credit Hours: 77


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