Administrative Procedures

CF Administrative Procedures are developed in response to a need for detailed instructions and implementation guidelines related to a CF District Board of Trustees policy, as well as federal, state, and local government code, rules, or statutes.

The College of Central Florida encourages review of proposed procedures by full-time and part-time CF faculty and staff. Proposed procedures will be posted here for 14 calendar days for review and comment. To provide feedback to proposed procedures, please email or provide a printed copy within the two-week review period to Charles Prince, vice president of Administration and Finance, at, or Founders Hall, Room 107A. Your comments will be considered by President’s Staff for inclusion. 

Temporary Administrative ProceduresRelated Policy

Temporary Telecommuting Procedure


Temporary COVID-19 Procedure


Temporary COVID-19 Mask Requirement


Temporary COVID-19 Inability to Return to Work Procedure


Administrative ProceduresRelated Policy
 Administrative Procedure Development
 Administrative Procedure Format
 Public Hearings, Meetings, and Workshops2.00
 Fraud Reporting Procedure2.04
 Identity Theft Prevention Program Procedure2.04
Data Governance Procedure3.21, 3.24 and 3.25
 Anti-Spam ProcedureN/A
 College-Owned Cellular PhonesN/A
 Misrepresentative ProcedureN/A
 Request for Renovation/RemodelingN/A
 Sexual Predator Or Offender Information Notification/ PublicationN/A
 Social Security Number Collection and UsageN/A
 Substantive ChangeN/A
 Sustainability Management PlanN/A
 Management of External Website and Acceptable UseN/A
 College Sponsorships, SupportN/A
 Editorial and Graphic StandardsN/A
 Media Relations N/A
 Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct Grievance
Process for Employees and Students
 Advertising and Solicitation3.01
 Donations of Library Materials or Books3.07
 Institutional Review Board3.15
 Public Records - Access3.17
 Public Records - Dispositions3.17
 Drug-Free Campus Procedure3.19
 Hazardous Substances/Right to Know Communication Program3.20
 Data Loss Prevention3.24
 Information Security Procedure3.24
 Security Incident Response3.24
 Appropriate Use of Information Technology3.25
 Dissemination of Literature, Public Exhibits, Displays and Presentations3.26
 Tobacco Free College3.28
External/Internal Survey UseN/A
 Credit Course RegistrationN/A
 Development of Online and Hybrid CoursesN/A
 Duplication of Online Course ShellsN/A
 Guidelines for the Operation of Senior InstituteN/A
 Supplemental DutiesN/A
 Curriculum Procedures4.00
 Textbook Adoption Procedures and Guidelines4.01
 Textbook Assistance for Financially Challenged Students4.01
 Collection Development4.03
 Absence of an Instructor from Class4.08
 Field Trips - Classroom-Related, Off-Campus4.10
 Annual Performance Review of Faculty4.11
 Accelerated Learning Mechanisms4.12
 Approval of Out of District Credit Courses and Courses with
Domestic and International Travel Components
 Academic Integrity4.14
 Administration of Agency and Trust AccountsN/A
 Collection and Investment of AMA DonationsN/A
 Construction Management Selection ProcessN/A
 Insurance Requirements for Professional ServicesN/A
 Procurement Card (Visa Purchasing Card)N/A
 Fund Collection at Locations Other than Central Cashier5.02
 Electronic Funds Transfer5.02
 Investment Procedure5.03
 Construction Bid and Award; Administration and Compliance5.05, 5.16 & 5.17
 Architect/Engineer Selection Process5.07
 Building Official Inspection5.07
 Architect/Engineer Agreement Administration5.07
 Agreement to Provide Professional Services5.07
 Adult General Education5.08
 Fee Waivers5.08
 Student Fee Collection5.08
 Tuition Assistance for Employees5.08
 Development of Instructional Laboratory Fees5.08
 Student Petitions for Refunds5.08
 Workers' Compensation Claims5.09
 Petty Cash & Change Fund5.11
 Contracts - General Procedures5.12
 Owner Direct Purchase5.12
 Construction Manager Contract Administration5.16 and 5.17
 Financing Short-Term and Long-Term Debt5.18
 Incentives for Degree AttainmentN/A
 Employee ComplaintsN/A
 Employment Procedure for Sexual Offenders or Sexual Predators6.00
 Hiring/Reinstatement Of Part-Time Hourly Instructors6.00
 Process For Reviewing Vacancies6.00
 Reinstatement of Part-Time/Adjunct Instructors6.00
 Outside Employment and Consulting Services6.03
 Professor Emeritus Selection Procedures6.08
 Professorial Rank6.08
 Employee Records6.09
 Suspension, Termination, and Resignation6.11
 Court Related Leave6.14
Criminal Background Screenings6.05
 Family and Medical Leave Act6.14
 Four Day Work Week - Summer Work Hours6.14
 Military Leave6.14
 Personal Leave6.14
 Sabbatical Leave6.14
 Sick Leave6.14
 Temporary Duty Leave6.14
 Vacation Leave6.14
 Terminal Pay6.15
 Travel by Authorized Personnel6.16
 Travel – Student Activities6.16
 Flexible Scheduling6.17
 Requesting Overtime6.17
 Sick Leave Pool6.19
 Student Loan Practices Code of Conduct6.26
 Code of Ethics – Appleton Museum of Art6.26
 Volunteer Program6.27
 Admission of Students with Criminal BackgroundN/A
 Threat Assessment TeamN/A
 Admission of Sexual Offenders or Sexual Predators7.00
 Admission-Readmission Students with Violent Criminal Record7.00
 Appeal for Florida Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes5.08 and 7.00
 Limited Access Programs Admission: Criminal Background Restrictions7.00
 Limited Access Program Readmission Appeal7.00
 Transfer of Credit7.00
 Validating High School Transcripts7.00
 Substitutions for Eligible Students With Disabilities7.01
 Disciplinary Action and Rights of Appeal – Code of Student Conduct7.05
 Student Activities Budget Development7.06
Student Records 7.08
 Student Complaints7.10
 Grade Appeal7.11
 Art on CampusN/A
Commemorative PlaqueN/A
 Incident ReportingN/A
 Safety Inspection ProgramN/A
 Disposition of Lost and Found Items8.00
 Tangible Personal Property, Property Records, Disposition8.00
 College Vehicles8.02
 Rental of College Facilities8.04
 Applied Welding Safety Program8.05
 Criminal Justice Institute Safety Program8.05
 Dental Safety Program8.05
 Environmental Horticulture Safety Program8.05
 Laboratory Safety Program8.05
 Nursing Safety Program8.05
 Personal Services Institute Safety Program8.05
 Theater & Set Design Safety Program8.05


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