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College of Central Florida strives to promote the health and wellness of its students and employees as well as a safe, comfortable environment for all who work, study, conduct business, or visit the college. Therefore, it is the policy of the Board that the College of Central Florida shall be a “Tobacco Free College.” (CF Policy 3.28)

CF is a Tobacco Free college logoWhat is CF’s tobacco-free policy?
Effective January 2014, tobacco of any kind, in any form is prohibited at CF. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, inhalers, vaporizers and electronic smoking-simulated instruments. Snuff, chewing tobacco and other tobacco products are also prohibited. The policy will be enforced beginning May 2014.

Who does the policy affect?
All CF employees, students and visitors will be asked to adhere to the tobacco-free policy while on CF property in Marion, Citrus and Levy counties. The policy includes students living and visiting College Square residence center as well as individuals working or visiting organizations leasing space on CF property.

Can I use tobacco products in my own vehicle while on CF property?
No. Parking areas are included in the tobacco-free ban.

How was the policy developed?
The tobacco-free policy is a collaborative effort of CF students, staff, faculty and administration. The project was initiated in spring 2013 by Student Activities Boards at Ocala and Citrus campuses. A task force comprised of individuals from these groups researched practices in Florida and across the U.S. to develop the policy, which was reviewed by CF’s legal counsel and approved by the District Board of Trustees. CF joins 10 Florida College System institutions in adopting tobacco-free or smoke-free policies. As of Jan. 2, 2014, at least 1,182 college or university campuses in the U.S. adopted 100 percent smoke-free campus policies that eliminate smoking in indoor and outdoor areas across the entire campus, including residences, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.

Is smokeless tobacco also banned?
Yes. Alternative tobacco products, including dip, chew and snuff, have been found to be detrimental to health and do not fit with CF’s environment of health and wellness.

Why are inhalers, vaporizers and electronic smoking-simulated instruments prohibited?
Electronic smoking-simulated cigarettes (e-cigarettes) produce a vapor of undetermined and potentially harmful substances, which may appear similar to smoke released by traditional tobacco products. Their use where smoking of traditional tobacco products is prohibited may cause confusion and lead to difficulties in enforcing smoking prohibitions. 

Will CF require people to quit using tobacco products?

The use of tobacco products is a personal choice and individuals may choose to use tobacco products off campus. The CF tobacco-free policy protects those who choose not to smoke from the effects of secondhand smoke, distraction of chewing tobacco and similar products, and assists those trying to quit tobacco.

How will the policy be enforced and by whom?
No one department is solely responsible for gaining compliance. All members of the CF community are asked to respectfully remind faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors and guests who are smoking or using tobacco products on college property about the policy. Information cards are available for distribution to tobacco users and to any member of the CF community.

We recommend the following language when approaching a tobacco user about the policy.

Hello, my name is _______, and I am a (student, employee) at CF. I want to make you aware that we are now a tobacco-free college, which means that all forms of tobacco are prohibited at CF. We would appreciate if you would not use tobacco products while on campus. Thank you for your cooperation.

Public Safety staff will assist in reminding individuals using tobacco products about the policy and provide them with a copy of the information card. Public Safety staff may ask to see identification and complete an incident report for habitual offenders and anyone violating the policy.

What are the consequences for people who violate the tobacco-free policy?
Violations of the policy will be addressed through existing procedures for students and employees. Student violators will be referred to the Student Conduct Administrator for possible disciplinary action per the Student Code of Conduct. Employee violators will be referred the appropriate supervisor; repeated violations will be reported to Human Resources and managed through normal disciplinary procedures. Visitors to the college will be provided a copy of the tobacco-free information card and asked to extinguish or dispose of tobacco products. If a visitor refuses to comply, Public Safety staff may ask the individual to leave the property and/or involve law enforcement.

How will this policy change be communicated to students, faculty, staff and visitors?
Signage about our tobacco-free environment is posted throughout CF grounds and buildings. You can share information about Tobacco-Free CF by sending them this link. The policy change is communicated through emails, broadcasts, social media, CF’s employee newsletter and magazine.

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National Network of Tobacco Cessation Quit-lines, 1-800-784-8669 or 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Tobacco-Free Florida, 1-877-U-CAN-Now or 1-877-822-6669

National Cancer Institute, 1-877-QUIT or 1-877-448-7848


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