Community Arts Partners

Promoting development of arts and cultural programs in our community.

Each academic year, a select number of nonprofit organizations are chosen through an application process to become Community Arts Partners for the following year. An organization selected to be a CF Community Arts Partner may have one event in the Charles R. Dassance Fine Arts Center, the Citrus Campus Conference Center or the Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida auditorium and may be eligible to have basic rental fees waived.

For student performance and design services for one-time events and projects, visit our Employer Connection Page.

Who is eligible and how does an organization apply?

Applications are available by clicking here and are due by March 18. Awardees are selected and announced in April-May for the next academic year. To be eligible, organizations must be nonprofit (preferably with current 501C3 status) or not using the facility for profit. The mission and goals of the applicant organization should align with the college’s mission to support diversity, education and the growth of the arts in the community. Preference is given to performing arts organizations, but other types of organizations are also considered.

Eligible applicant organizations must be nonprofit. Preference will be given to local performing arts organization, but other types of arts organizations will also be considered.

If selected, what do we need to do to reserve a specific date and fulfill our obligations as a CF Community Arts Partner?

As a partner, you agree to:

  • List the college as a co-sponsor on all publicity materials, advertising, press releases and programs.
  • Provide a minimum of 15 complimentary tickets prior to the event for CF students. If unused, CF will release the tickets 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Complete an Application for “License to Use the Facilities” form, which includes an obligation to carry insurance (CF may be able to provide this for you for a fee if needed).
  • Include information provided by CF in the event’s program:
    • auditorium house rules
    • a brief description of the CF Community Arts Partners program
    • the CF or Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida logo.
  • Provide a proof of the program prior to printing.
  • Provide full payment for any direct or additional costs incurred (such as technical support, custodial service and equipment rental).
  • Attend a production meeting at the CF venue at least one month prior to event.

Failure to comply will make the organization ineligible for future partnerships.

CF agrees to:

  • Waive the facility rental fee for one day (if eligible). Please note that if the event requires the hiring of additional technical staff, your organization may be responsible for that cost. Please note that you will be asked to provide ushers for your event.
  • List the event in select college marketing materials.
  • Waive the fee for one rehearsal time in the facility, the schedule for which is to be determined during the production meeting.
  • Provide copies of CF or Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida logo, description of Community Arts Partners program and house rules for the printed program.

You must complete and submit the CF Community Arts Partner Application. Click here to download.

You will also need to attach the following information in a detailed proposal.

1. Full description of the proposed event (1 page).
2. Target market of intended program.
3. Proposed marketing plan for the event.
4. Written description of previous performances (if applicable).
5. Proposed budget for the event (including admission price). Please include projected revenue if the event will have a cost for patrons.
6. Brief justification for how this event reflects the college’s mission below.

Previous and Current CF Community Arts Partners

Marion Ballet Theatre

Hospice of Marion County

Marion Civic Chorale 

Ocala Storytelling Festival Ocala Civic Theatre 

Marion Civic Chorale

Belleview High School (Marion County Public Schools) | Ocala Storytelling Festival | Ocala Symphony Orchestra 

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