Permanent Art Collection

Art - Untitled by Erica Hall

Erica Hall

The CF Permanent Art Collection dates back to the college’s early phase, just over 50 years ago. The college began by purchasing individual art works, often from the Ocala Art Festival, and accepting donated works. In addition to the permanent collection, the college has a Student Art Collection and the Schmehl Collection. With the growing number of student artists and the addition of the Webber Gallery at the Ocala Campus, the college began to build its Student Art Collection. The addition of the Schmehl Art Collection was made as a donation by the estate of Leon Schmehl and can be seen all over the Ocala Campus. Collectively, CF now displays more than 500 works of art on its Ocala and Citrus campuses and Levy and Hampton centers.

Art - Bubblegum Lion by Joann Caldwell Schmehl
Bubblegum Lion
Joann Caldwell Schmehl
Art - Bones by Josie BosworthBones
Josie Bosworth
Art - Wish You Were Here by James CarterWish You Were Here
James Carter
Art - Fire From the Sky by Jackie NashFire From the Sky
Jackie Nash
Art - King of the Jungle by James Michaels SchmehlKing of the Jungle
James Michaels Schmehl

The Arts at CF

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