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Imprints 2020 PublicationDeadline for submissions is Feb. 15

Ocala Campus Imprints Literary Magazine is comprised of 100 percent CF student created art and literature. The selections for each year's magazine are evaluated by the Imprints student staff. Prior to submitting literary and/or art selections, please review each of the evaluation rubrics to ensure your selections meet the criteria necessary for consideration.

Literary Evaluation Rubric | Art Evaluation Rubric

All contributors who submit work to Imprints must complete the entire application. Incomplete submission forms will not be considered for publication. Submissions are accepted throughout the academic school year, during fall and spring semesters. Submissions received after Feb. 15 of each school year will be considered for the following year's publication.

Further information is available from Professor Zackery Cote, Building 2, Room 220B, 352-854-2322, ext. 1284.

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Plagiarism is not acceptable! By submitting, you affirm that these are your original works. We reserve the right to proofread and polish accepted works according to magazine industry convention.

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