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Digital Media student creating self-portrait imageDigital Media is a specialization in the A.A. degree program under Visual Arts. Electives include digital media core courses, as well as studio art courses (Drawing and Design) and Art History.

This A.A. program prepares you to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in Digital Media, preparing you for a career as a digital artist in areas such as studio art, Web design, 3-D modeling and simulation, graphic design, online publications, TV and film animation and more.

For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Fryns, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences at or 352-854-2322, ext. 1728.

Frequently Asked Questions about CF Digital Media courses:

Is this an A.A. or an A.S. program?
Digital Media is a concentration in the A.A. program. It is intended for students to transfer to a four-year degree program.

What career options are available for this field?
The primary career tracks for those who study digital media are web design, film and TV production (including animation), video game design and production, graphic design and advanced manufacturing. Only a select few digital media artists are able to make a living as designers or professional digital media artists through commissions, exhibitions and teaching.

student in Digital Media classAre the electives for digital media offered at all CF campuses and centers?
The DIG core classes are offered at both the Ocala Campus and the Citrus Campus. Many of the general education and other required electives (ART 1200C Basic Design and ART 1300C Freehand Drawing) are offered at the Ocala Campus, Citrus Campus or Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida.

Do I need a portfolio to gain admission?
There is no portfolio admission process (we are open door) but there is to be considered for scholarship. You may learn more about scholarship availability by discussing this option with any of the art or digital media faculty.. You will learn to create a portfolio in our DIG classes in order to submit for admission to whatever four-year university you are transferring to.

What are the prerequisites?
Please see an advisor to help create a course selection plan unique to your situation. The digital media required electives do occur in a specific order, beginning with DIG 2000 Introduction to Digital Media and ART 1300C Freehand Drawing.

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