Job Descriptions

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Academic/Instructional Technology Specialist - Business and TechnologyP-9
Academic Support SpecialistP-8
Accountant IP-8
Accountant IIP-9
Accountant IIIP-11
Accounting Specialist IC-5
Accounting Specialist IIC-6
Accounting Specialist IIIC-7
Admissions & School Relations SpecialistP-10
Admissions AdvisorC-8
Admissions and Records SpecialistC-8
Assessment and Career SpecialistC-8
Assessment SpecialistC-6
Assistant Director of Academic AdvisingP-12
Assistant Director of Admissions/International StudentsP-12
Assistant Director of Financial AidP-12
Assistant Director of First Year Success (Or Student Success)P-12
Assistant Director of Museum Operations, Appleton Museum of ArtP-12
Assistant Pod Project ManagerC-7
Assistant RegistrarP-11
Assistant Vice President for FinanceA-16
Associate Dean - Health SciencesA-15
Associate Director, Financial AidP-13
Associate Vice President - Arts & SciencesA-18
Associate Vice President - Career & Professional ProgramsA-18
Associate Vice President for Information TechnologyA-18
Athletic Facilities GroundskeeperC-6
Audio-Visual Specialist/VideographerC-8
AV Automation SpecialistC-9
Business Accounts CoordinatorP-11
Business Analyst - Administration and FinanceP-12
Business Manager - AthleticsP-9
Campus Coordinator – Student Life – CitrusP-11
Cashier Specialist IC-5
Cashier Specialist IIC-6
Center Manager - LevyP-13
Chief Fiscal Officer - FoundationA-15
Chief Preparator, Appleton Museum Of ArtP-9
College President
Communication Center AssistantC-3
Communication Center SpecialistC-6
Conference Services Coordinator - CitrusC-7
Conference Services Coordinator – OcalaC-7
Coordinator - Academic SupportP-10
Coordinator - Administrative ServicesP-11
Coordinator - Adult Education Enrollment/Student ServicesP-9
Coordinator - Assessment and Career ServicesP-10
Coordinator - Benefits And Special ProjectsP-11
Coordinator - Career PathwaysP-10
Coordinator - Corporate CollegeP-10
Coordinator - Criminal Justice/Public ServiceP-12
Coordinator - Curriculum Services and Faculty CredentialingP-10
Coordinator - Educational Opportunity CenterP-10
Coordinator - Enrollment/Student Services, Levy CenterP-9
Coordinator - Facilities, Appleton Museum of ArtP-12
Coordinator - Finance Services, Appleton Museum of ArtP-10
Coordinator - Food ServicesP-11
Coordinator - Maintenance - Appleton Museum of ArtP-11
Coordinator - Maintenance- CitrusP-11
Coordinator - Maintenance - LevyP-11
Coordinator - Maintenance - Ocala, Hampton, Vintage FarmP-11
Coordinator - Online Library Resources and InstructionP-11
Coordinator - Payroll ServicesP-11
Coordinator - Recruitment and Retention, Business and TechnologyP-10
Coordinator - Resource Development – (Annual Giving & Alumni)P-11
Coordinator - Special EventsP-9
Coordinator - Visual and Performing ArtsP-9
Counseling and Community Resources CoordinatorP-12
Curator of Exhibitions - Appleton Museum of ArtP-11
Custodial SupervisorC-4
Data Analyst - Reporting CoordinatorP-12
Database Manager (Foundation Office)P-10
Dean - Business, Technology and Career and Technical EducationA-17
Dean - Criminal Justice Institute/Public ServiceA-17
Dean - E-Learning & Academic ServicesA-17
Dean - Enrollment ManagementA-17
Dean – Health SciencesA-17
Dean - Student ServicesA-17
Dean - Student SuccessA-17
Director - Athletics and Wellness EducationA-14
Director - Academic Advising and First Year SuccessA-15
Director - Admissions and Student RecruitmentA-15
Director - Appleton Museum of ArtA-17
Director - Corporate CollegeP-13
Director - Development (Foundation)P-14
Director - Disability ServicesP-12
Director - Diversity and Inclusion - Title IX CoordinatorA-15
Director - Elearning and Learning SupportP-14
Director - Enrollment Services/RegistrarA-15
Director - Facilities and Plant OperationsA-15
Director - Financial AidA-16
Director - Governmental Relations and Special Assistant to the PresidentP-14
Director - Human ResourcesA-15
Director - Institutional Research and EffectivenessA-15
Director - Lab SchoolP-12
Director - Marketing, Public and Community RelationsA-15
Director - Purchasing and Risk ManagementP-14
Director - Resource Development and AccreditationP-14
Director - Student AccountsP-13
Director - Student Affairs - CitrusP-14
Director - Student LifeP-13
Director - Student Success and Educational Outreach ProgramsP-13
Director - Student Support ServicesA-13
Disability Services Assessment and Accommodations Specialist C-8
Disability Services Assessment SpecialistC-6
Donor Relations SpecialistC-7
Dual Enrollment CoordinatorP-10
Educational AdvisorP-9
E-Learning and Learning Support SpecialistP-9
Enrollment SpecialistC-8
Enterprise Resource Planning Manager I.T.P-14
Executive Administrative Assistant to the CF Foundation C-9
Executive Administrative Assistant to the PresidentP-10
Executive Administrative AssistantC-8
Executive Director, CF FoundationA-18
Facilities WorkerC-5
Faculty Librarian 
Financial Aid Specialist IC-4
Financial Aid Specialist IIC-7
Financial Literacy Specialist - Financial AidC-7
Fine Arts Center Manager, Visual & Performing ArtsP-10
First Year Success SpecialistP-9
Foundation Accountant IIIP-11
Foundation Scholarship Accounting SpecialistC-8
General Counsel and Director of Governmental RelationsA-19
Gift Shop and Visitor Services ManagerP-8
Grant Specialist IC-7
Grant Specialist IIP-10
Graphic Design and Website Coordinator - Appleton Museum of ArtP-9
Graphic Design, Web and Public Relations Coordinator - OcalaP-9
Grounds Specialist, CitrusC-5
Grounds SupervisorC-7
Hampton Center CoordinatorC-8
Head Coaches of Intercollegiate AthleticsP-11
Health Sciences Recruiter - Outreach Specialist P-12
Human Resources AssistantC-7
Human Resources Compensation SpecialistP-10
Human Resources CoordinatorP-10
Human Resources SpecialistP-8
Information Technology ManagerP-15
Institutional Research AnalystP-10
Instructional AssistantC-6
Instructional DesignerP-11
Instructional Designer – Compliance Specialist, E-LearningP-11
International Student Admissions And Advising SpecialistP-9
Learning Commons SpecialistC-6
Learning Support SpecialistC-7
Library DirectorA-15
Library SpecialistC-7
Library TechnicianC-4
Mail CourierC-3
Manager - AccountingP-13
Manager - CF Printing and Postal ServicesP-11
Manager - Community RelationsP-13
Manager - Conference and Food ServicesP-12
Manager - Facility Operations & Construction ProjectsP-12
Manager - Instructional Services - CitrusP-12
Manager - Instructional Services - LevyP-12
Manager - Learning Resources Center - CitrusP-11
Manager - Marketing & Public RelationsP-13
Manager - Membership, Events and Fundraisers, Appleton Museum of ArtsP-8
Manager - Plant Safety and Facility OperationsP-12
Manager - Professional DevelopmentP-12
Manager - Public SafetyP-13
Manager - Testing and AssessmentP-12
Manager of Web Communications and New MediaP-13
Marketing & Public Relations SpecialistC-8
Museum Educator - Appleton Museum of ArtP-10
Museum Registrar - Appleton Museum of ArtP-11
Museum Specialist - Appleton Museum of ArtC-8
Network EngineerP-13
Network Server Support SpecialistP-10
Payroll SpecialistP-9
PC/AV TechnicianC-8
Pre-School Teacher IC-3
Pre-School Teacher IIC-4
Pre-School Teacher IIIC-5
Print and Design SpecialistC-8
Program SpecialistP-9
Programmer Analyst IP-9
Programmer Analyst IIP-10
Programmer Analyst IIIP-12
Programmer IIIP-11
Project Director - Campus Suicide Prevention ProgramP-11
Project Manager - Title III Grant For StartSmart@CFA-15
Project/Tutor CoordinatorP-12
Property & Plant Fund AccountantP-8
Provost Levy CampusA-18
Public Safety AssistantC-6
Public Safety Coordinator- Appleton Museum of ArtC-9
Public Safety LieutenantC-7
Public Safety OfficerC-4
Public Safety SergeantC-5
Public Service Division Support SpecialistC-5
Records Technician - CJIC-5
Scholarship TechnicianC-6
Senior Library Technician - Citrus CampusC-6
Senior Library TechnicianC-6
Senior Technical Support SpecialistP-10
Skills Lab Specialist - CitrusP-8
Specialist – Cafeteria ServicesC-4
Specialist – Catering ServicesC-6
Specialist – Perkins Grant C-7
Staff Assistant IC-3
Staff Assistant IIC-4
Staff Assistant IIIC-5
Staff Assistant IVC-6
Student Activities and Outreach Coordinator - Citrus P-9
Student Activities Coordinator - Ocala P-9
Student Services Specialist – Citrus CampusC-5
Systems AdministratorP-12
Systems ProgrammerP-13
Technical Learning Support SpecialistC-8
Technical Support SpecialistP-9
Technician - Enrollment Services CenterC-6
Technology SpecialistP-9
Trades Specialist - CarpenterC-8
Trades Specialist - ElectricianC-8
Trades Specialist - HVACC-8
Trades Specialist - HVAC Preventative MaintenanceC-8
Trades Specialist - LocksmithC-8
Trades Specialist - PainterC-8
Trades Specialist - Plumber/IrrigationC-8
Trades TechnicianC-7
Trades WorkerC-7
Transfer Specialist CoordinatorP-10
Transition Specialist/InstructorP-8
Vice President - Academic AffairsA-20
Vice President - Administration and FinanceA-20
Vice President - Institutional Effectiveness and College RelationsA-20
Vice President - Regional CampusesA-20
Vice President - Student AffairsA-20
Web Developer/Communication SpecialistP-12

Part-time Positions

Assistant Payroll SpecialistC-8
Auditorium AssistantC-5
Building Official - Plant Operations and Facilities 
Cashier – Cafeteria Services & Cyber CafeC-2
Catering AssistantC-2

Catering Captain


Childcare Cook Assistant


Childcare Cook

Communications TechnicianC-7
Computer Lab AssistantC-7
Computer Specialist (Grant Funded)C-6

Conference Centers Assistant


Conference Centers Assistant II


Conference Center Assistant - Vintage Farm


Conference Services Specialist


Coordinator - Grounds Maintenance & College Support (Ocala)


Coordinator – Pathways Life Services

Costume Shop AssistantC-5
Cyber Cafe Specialist - IC-5
Cyber Cafe Specialist - IIC-6
Education Assistant - Appleton Museum of ArtP-8
Evening Coordinator – Citrus Campus C-5
Executive Director, Heart of Florida Regional CoalitionP-14
Financial Aid TechnicianC-6

Friends of the Foundation (FOF) Volunteer Coordinator 

C- 4

Food Services Assistant

Gallery AssistantC-3
Gallery CoordinatorC-4
Grill CookC-2
Grill Cook II C-4
Grounds Specialist - OcalaC-5
Instructional Aid I C-3
Instructional Aid II C-4
Instructional Aid III C-5
Instructional Assistant - Vintage FarmC-6

Line Cook – Cafeteria Services 

Mailroom/Printing and Postal Services AssistantC-3
Mailroom/Staff Services AssistantC-3
Maintenance Repair WorkerC-3
Marketing & Public Relations, Graphic Arts CoordinatorP-9
Marketing Assistant - Suicide Prevention ProgramC-8
Museum Assistant– Appleton Museum of ArtC-4
Museum Events SpecialistC-4
Neighborhood Recruiter (Grant Funded)C-5
Night Cashier/Accounting ClerkC-4
Preschool Teacher AssistantC-2
Printing AssistantC-4
Program Liaison/RecruiterP-9
Public Safety Training SpecialistC-6
Recruiter/Outreach Specialist (Admissions)P-9
Recruiter/Outreach Specialist (Levy)P-9
Staff Piano Accompanist
Testing Assistant - Student ServicesC-5
Trades HelperC-5
Trips & Tours Specialist I - Appleton Museum of ArtC-5
Trips & Tours Specialist II - Appleton Museum of ArtC-7
Veterans Affairs SpecialistC-6
Visitor Services Specialist – Appleton Museum of ArtC-2
Webber Center SpecialistC-5
Weekend Manager – Appleton Museum of ArtC-5
Weight Room SupervisorC-2

Human Resources

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