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Equine Studies Students at Vintage Farm

A Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management with an Equine Studies specialization prepares you for a career in the ever-developing equine industry. Coursework focuses on emerging industry trends and vital business skills for equine professionals.

The BAS Equine Studies focus is ideal for students seeking careers in:

  • Farm management
  • The retail industry
  • Entrepreneurial (such as equine based photography, insurance, marketing)
  • Equine based organizations (AQHA, USEF etc.)

Jobs such as field sales representative, technical service, publishing, marketing and advertising in areas such as pharmaceutical supplies, nutritional products, and equine tack and equipment are available to the BAS Equine graduate.

Students enrolled in this program will complete a business plan and a marketing portfolio in addition to studying form to function. The following are both traditional business courses and equine specific courses our students enroll in to learn this material.

  • Business Law
  • Management and Leadership
  • Accounting Principles
  • Logistics for the Horse Industry
  • Integrated Horse Management
  • Equine Learning Theory

Photo of Vintage FarmHands-on learning

Here at CF, we see the importance of hands on learning. In addition to utilizing Vintage Farm, the BAS Equine students will complete three internships specific to their intended career path for immersion in the equine industry. This also helps build connections within the industry our students hope to gain careers in.

The internships are customized to the specific discipline of the candidate. For example, someone interested in equine event planning might intern at an equine show facility, an equine resort and an equine publication. Someone interested in equine bodywork could intern with a massage therapist, at a rehabilitation center and with a veterinarian specializing in performance horses.

This program is designed for students with an associate degree in fields such as agriculture, equine, landscape and horticulture, and animal science.

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