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CF has partnerships with two of Florida's top universities, University of Central Florida and University of South Florida, to guarantee you admission after you complete your CF associate degree. Select a university program to learn more about your opportunities for transferring:

University of Central Florida

CF Student Successfully Transferred to UCF

DirectConnect to UCF Program

An Associate of Arts degree from CF guarantees admission to UCF through the DirectConnect to UCF program. Of all CF graduates who transfer to a Florida public university, 38 percent go to UCF.

Highlights ofDirectConnect to UCF:

  • Shorter time to degree completion with academic advising from a DirectConnect to UCF coordinator who will help you design your academic pathway starting at CF and finishing at UCF
  • Smooth transition to UCF with admission, financial assistance/scholarship, and enrollment assistance
  • Access to UCF sites, student services, activities and events
  • Step-by-step support and guidance before, during and after your transfer to UCF
  • A career and academic preparation tool
  • An online community of student peers, advisors and resources

If you're planning on becoming a future Knight, then sign up for DirectConnect here, then speak with youracademic advisor about transfer pathways!

University of South Florida

Photo of CF Student Transferring to USF

FUSE Program

Students choosing to join FUSE will feel a sense of belonging to both the College of Central Florida and USF communities. Students will be in a stronger position for making the transition due to greater integration into USF campus culture and additional support services.

Of all CF graduates who transfer to a Florida public university, 19 percent go to USF.

Highlights of FUSE:
  • Students admitted to the FUSE program are placed on anacademic pathwaythat provides a seamless transition from College of Central Florida to USF. This allows for timely completion of both the A.A. and bachelor's degrees.
  • FUSE students have access to USF facilities, events and activities. This includes a specially designed orientation session at the outset of the program. FUSE students are part of the larger USF family while they are pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at CF, so they get the perks of both academic institutions!
  • Academic advisors at both CF and USF are on your side, monitoring progress on your degree pathway and offering guidance on course prerequisites, GPA requirements, tests and any other criteria necessary for admission into limited access or restrictive majors.

Interested in transferring to USF? The next step is to speak with youracademic advisor!

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