First Time in College

It's not about's about education.

Adult LearnerYour first time in college may be while you are still in high school, just graduated from high school or you may be beginning your education after a period of time.

There is help at every point.

Contact us either by phone at 352-873-5800 or online at our contact us page.

CF is affordable and provides high quality, high value baccalaureate degrees, associate in artsassociate in science degrees as well as college credit certificates.

Visit our Financial Aid page to learn what is available to you and view our Financial Aid TV videos for short, concise information tidbits to get you in the know.

Once you have Explored Programs and decided what you are going to pursue, it is important that you meet with an advisor to find out what is required and the progression you should follow to make the most of your time in school.

Campus tours are available if you would like to view any of our locations. 

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