Equine Studies

Offering Bachelor's Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees, and College Credit Certificates

Equine Studies Program at Vintage Farm

Why attend the Equine Studies Program at the College of Central Florida?

Location, Opportunity, Science

The Equine Studies Program provides opportunity and training for students passionate about horses and seeking employment opportunities. Beginning with a love of horses, students at CF learn about the industry, visit prominent farms and veterinary clinics, participate in labs at the college’s Vintage Farm and develop life skills. 

The program is not specific to any equine discipline, nor are riding lessons part of the curriculum. However, students are encouraged to work part-time at local farms or arrange working student positions with top trainers to expand their experiential learning. 

Course work is a mix of science and business skills. The equine faculty at CF have Master’s degrees or Doctoral degrees in equine, animal science or veterinary medicine. Faculty are also engaged in the horse industry outside of the classroom. Everyday topics such as nutrition, health care, handling skills and equine behavior are part of the equine core curriculum. 

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Degree and Certificate Options

BAS Degree Icon

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management, Equine Specialization

This 2-year extension of the AS Equine Studies degree expands employment opportunities beyond the farm. Students take traditional business courses as well as specific equine business courses. In addition, BAS Equine students will complete 3 internships specific to their intended career path. 

>>Learn about the BAS in Business and Organizational Management

Associate of Science Icon

Associate of Science in Equine Studies (AS)

This 60 credit program generally takes 2-3 years to complete, depending on the number of credits taken each semester. An academic pathway is available to provide a suggested roadmap of courses. 

The AS contains 21 credits (7 courses) of general education courses and the remainder are equine courses. Two specializations are offered: Equine Business Management or Equine Exercise Physiology. 

Learn about Equine Business Management | Learn about Equine Exercise Physiology

College Credit Certificate Icon

College Credit Certificates in Equine Studies

CF offers two college credit certificates that can usually be completed within the AS degree program. 

A 15-credit, Equine Technician certificate is ideal for those fairly new to horses, and provides basic instruction to the care and feeding of horses. A 24-credit, Assistant Farm Manager certificate is ideal for those who do not need any general education courses and desire courses that can help them be employed as a horse farm worker. 

Learn about the Equine Technician Certificate | Learn about the Equine Assistant Farm Manager Certificate

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Upon completion of these programs, you should gain these skills:

  • Demonstrate employable skills of communication, ethics and responsibility
  • Understand controversial issues within the horse industry
  • Safely handle horses in various situations
  • Groom and care for horses
  • Provide health care and first aid for horses
  • Understand anatomy and physiology, especially as it pertains to performance horses
  • Perform essential barn skills, including inventory, staff training, record keeping, feeding and housing
  • Be knowledgeable of horse sports and competitions
  • Understand financial management of equine business
  • Know natural behaviors of horses and basic learning theory
  • Recognize lameness and poor health
  • Identify horses by breed, color, markings, and other physical characteristics
  • Evaluate equine management systems including nutrition, health care and housing

Business & Technology

Photo of Vintage Farm

Program Spotlight: Vintage Farm

Vintage Farm serves as our teaching laboratory.  We have retired horses boarded at the farm and use them for student experience and laboratory demonstration purposes.


Students perform hands-on learning through daily feeding and management of the horses, practicing safe handling and observing natural behaviors.  Students also visit local horse farms and veterinary clinics to observe techniques important to the industry or for anatomy dissections and study. 

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