Guaranteed Graduate

Guaranteed Graduate logoThe College of Central Florida is pleased to introduce a pilot program that ensures our graduates are workforce ready. The CF Workforce Guaranteed Graduate program is a distinction earned by our Associate in Science graduates. This guarantee allows employers to hire CF graduates with the confidence that their new employees have the backing of the college that prepared them for their chosen career.

At CF, we not only want to be the first choice in quality higher education, but also your first choice in hiring. Our faculty bring world-class quality, industry experience and passion to what they do every day. Preparing the 21st century workforce is a privilege we do not take lightly. It is because of this that we stand behind our workforce graduates.

CF is dedicated to meeting the workforce needs of our community and the Workforce Guaranteed Graduate Program is another example of our commitment to the community we serve. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Being a Workforce Guaranteed Graduate is something that is a distinction earned by our graduates. Students are informed of the program and their responsibilities by an academic advisor when they enroll in an Associate in Science program.
  • If the employer experiences issues or concerns with a Workforce Guaranteed Graduate’s performance at any time during the first 90 calendar days of employment within the first year of graduation, the employer can contact CF to give the college an opportunity to coach and provide additional support for the graduate.
  • CF will commit to retraining in the area of identified deficiencies which correlate to the graduate’s program of study. There is no cost to the graduate or employer. CF stands by our graduates!

To obtain a copy of the Workforce Guaranteed Graduate Agreement and complete program details, or if you have questions, contact Workforce Guarantee Coordinator Bonnie Hays at or 352-854-2322, ext. 1855. 

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