Office Administration

Associate in Science

The College of Central Florida’s Office Administration program is a two-year Associate in Science degree program that features several specializations. It provides students with a balance of academic instruction and hands-on applications in a technology-enhanced environment. The goal is to prepare students for entry into specialized office careers such as administrative assistants, executive administrative assistants and office managers. The program also provides competencies for enhancing promotion in students previously or currently employed in office careers.

Students may specialize in the following areas:

Certifications Available:

  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Word certification exam (Eligible to sit for exam upon successful completion of OST 2717 Advanced Word.)
  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Excel certification exam (Eligible to sit for exam upon successful completion of CGS 2103 Spreadsheet Applications.)
  • Quickbooks Certification (Eligible to sit for exam upon successful completion of ACG 2540 Integrated Accounting.)

In addition, students may complete the following College Credit Certificate(s), either as an individual program, or while completing their Associate of Science Degree in Office Administration, or other degrees (Legal Assisting, Business Administration or Bachelors of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management).

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Major in specialization of their choice: legal or management.
  • Communicate in a clear and effective manner.
  • Perform office-related tasks and understand required skills that are used by administrative professionals.
  • Perform a variety of general office functions, focusing on customer service skills.
  • Work independently and as a member of an internal and/or external teams to evaluate, manage, analyze and organize information and complete industry specific tasks.
  • Answer telephones, compose, and key information for managers, clients and other professional staff.
  • Identify and demonstrate employability skills.
  • Enroll in CF Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management program.


Program Manager: Nancy Webb-Abshier
352-854-2322, ext. 1387
Ocala Campus, Ewers Century Center, Room 306E
Educational Advisor, Business, Technology and Workforce: Karen Tolson
352-854-2322, ext. 1593
Ocala Campus, Bryant Student Union, Room 201
Graduates of this program are eligible to be enrolled in the CF Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Management program. For more information, contact Jo-anne Holleran, 352-854-2322, ext. 1560.

Business & Technology

Meagan Shipman

My Story: Meagan Shipman

CF is a place where students can advance in their academic life, but also discover themselves. The path I chose is CF’s Office Administration program. I have learned countless soft skills, nearly perfected my customer service skills, and connected with the compassionate staff of this program. I was also able to learn through an internship with the Florida Center for the Blind and landed a part-time position at Skin Cancer Center of Ocala, where I was offered a full-time position. CF has been truly rewarding. I look forward to graduating with my Associate in Science and continuing with my bachelor’s degree soon after. Thank you CF!

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