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CF offers college credit certificates and an Associate in Science degree for students interested in pursuing a high-demand career utilizing the latest digital media technology.

The Digital Media program teaches universal design theory and principles such as balance, symmetry, lighting, composition, visual and aesthetic appeal. Students address business and marketing concerns by understanding effective communication, page layout, storytelling to enhance usability and interactivity in User Interface design.

Associate in Science DegreeMultimedia Authoring CertificateMultimedia Web Production Certificate | Graphic Design Certificate

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Associate in Science Degree

Associate in Science in Digital Media Technology, Web Design Specialization

The Associate of Science Degree in Digital Media Technology with a Web Design Specialization provides students with cutting edge skills that meet a global industry demand in the field of web design and development. The program balances aspects of artistry, technology and business principles giving students the adaptability required to succeed in this dynamic field. 

While students are completing this Associate of Science degree, they can simultaneously earn two college credit certificates: digital media/multimedia authoring and digital media/multimedia web production. Total credit hours: 60.

College Credit Certificates

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Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring

The Multimedia Authoring certificate provides students fundamental skills in the application of digital and interactive media. These courses introduce students to a range of digital fields including graphic design and layout, digital photography and video, web design and animation. Total credit hours: 12.

Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production

The Web Production certificate introduces students to web development using industry standards in design, development, security and interactivity. The curriculum covers techniques using standard markup and scripting platforms for creating and editing web pages with multimedia content. It also includes basic visual principles for web design. Total credit hours: 15.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Support certificate provides students with a strong foundation in graphic design that empowers them to adapt and respond to dynamic trends in the design sector of multiple industries. This program allows students to engage in practical, hands-on exercises using the latest technologies, software and equipment to produce innovative projects that communicate effectively and persuasively. Total credit hours: 15.

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Digital Media Technology

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