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We want your input! In accordance with the Commission on Dental Accreditation policy on Third Party Comments, the College of Central Florida Dental Assisting program is soliciting comments pertaining to the standards for Dental Assisting Education or policies and procedures used in the Commission’s accreditation process. Find out about the comment process here.

The award-winning Dental Assisting program is a one-year Applied Technology Diploma program that will begin an exciting career for you in the dental profession. General education credits are not required for this program. For detailed information, review our Dental Assisting Information Packet.

The Associate in Science, Dental Assisting programs are designed to train individuals to perform as efficient dental professionals in a dental health environment. Students will gain exposure to various areas such as dental radiography, dental materials, chairside assisting, infection control and more. If you enjoy helping others in a team environment with exciting opportunities, check out this program and let us help you transform your life. For more information, attend one of our information sessions to discuss program requirements.

We offer four programs in Dental Assisting:

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