Dental Assisting - Education

Associate in Science

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Love helping people smile? picture of two dental assistants showing a young girl holding a healthy apple what the proper way to brush her teeth is.This may be the career for you!

Imagine being able to make a difference in the lives of many as a Dental Assist with a focus on Education.

Find out when and where the next Dental Assisting Information Session is being held by clicking here, then select Dental Assisting.

Dental Assisting programs are limited access.

A limited access program is one in which both program admission and course registration are restricted to a certain number of students meeting predetermined criteria. Limited access status is justified when student demand exceeds available resources or accreditation requirements (i.e., student/faculty ratios, instructional facilities and equipment, clinical sites) or the nature of the program calls for specific admission requirements. Limited access programs have admissions processes and criteria beyond general college admissions. While any student meeting the minimum criteria is encouraged to apply, not all applicants may be accepted.

Criteria for Application

  • Attendance at an in-person Information Session.
  • High school diploma.
  • Admission to the College of Central Florida.
  • Application to the Dental Assisting program.
  • Minimum scores of 608 in Language, 597 in Reading and 627 in Math on the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education)
  • Completion of the Psychological Services Bureau (PSB-RN) exam.
  • Completion and documentation of eight hours of chairside observation with a dental assistant.
  • One-page paper on observation experience.
  • The Associate in Science also requires the PERT/ACT/SAT test for general educational courses.

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