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Why choose CF?

We’re nationally accredited. View our accreditation here.

CF EMS ClassThe College of Central Florida’s EMS program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions. CoAEMSP (pronounced Co-amps) is the only accrediting body for EMS programs recognized by the American Medical Association, and by NREMT, the agency that does national testing for EMT and Paramedic Certification. While graduates of non-accredited schools had been allowed to take the national certification exam, this practice ended in 2013. Only students from accredited schools are allowed to sit for these exams. CF is the only CoAEMSP accredited program in the Marion, Citrus, Levy area. 

You earn college credit.

All of the EMT and Paramedic course work can be applied toward a two-year degree in Emergency Medical Services. 

We work to accommodate our students.

While we believe the training should be tough, we don’t believe it should be tough to get to. Our paramedic program is conducted on a flexible schedule that allows students who are currently working in the emergency medical field to come to class on days that accommodate their schedules. For EMTs we offer day and night classes in three different locations throughout Levy, Citrus and Marion counties. 

We have our priorities right.

CF’s primary motivation is producing exceptional EMTs and paramedics to serve in the community that we all share. Our pass rates on licensure exams are consistently among the highest in the state. While this is an important step, our primary focus is to make sure that when you leave CF, you have the skills and understanding necessary to deliver the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care.

We have the people and equipment needed to do the job.

CF’s EMS program employs carefully chosen, experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you become the best pre-hospital emergency medical care provider you can be. The program has over $600,000 invested in high fidelity medical simulators and monitoring equipment. We use that equipment to provide our students with realistic training experiences knowing that the more you sweat in training, the less you’ll sweat when there are real lives at stake.

We're the best.

Our students consistently perform above the state average on certification tests. Employers have demonstrated a preference for our students because they are better prepared to meet the emergency medical needs of the community.

CF's EMS program was the recipient of the 2011 EMS Educator of the Year Award from the State of Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. 

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This program is a comprehensive one semester (16 week) curriculum consisting of theory, skills laboratory, and hospital/field experience. Skills labs and clinical assignments are in addition to scheduled lecture class times and may occur on the weekend. Each EMT program consists of weekday classes and labs and 7 clinical days (12-hour shifts). Persons successfully completing this program will meet the certification requirements for the state of Florida and be eligible to sit for the National Certification Examination for Emergency Medical Technicians.

Paramedic Program

The program for Paramedic is a 12-month, 42-credit hour curriculum. Students must attain a grade of 80 percent or better in all EMS courses in order to graduate. Persons successfully completing the Paramedic program will be eligible to take the State of Florida Paramedic Certification Examination.

Each Paramedic program consists of classes, labs and clinicals (some during weekends). Clinicals are 12-hour shifts. The universal schedule is two lectures held two times a week on Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday. Class and lab time will occur from 9-6 p.m.

Paramedic Program Retention, Pass Rate and Placement Data:

Percent Retention (The percentage of students who successfully complete the program)(Average 2017+2016+2015):83.3 percent

Percent of Graduates Passing the State Certification Exam (Average 2017+2016+2015): 91.5 percent

Percent of Graduates with Positive Job Placement (Average 2017+2016+2015): 95.4 percent

A.S. Degree Program in EMS

The Associate in Science in Emergency Medical Services is a two-year degree that includes the EMT and Paramedic programs described above. See the EMS Degree page for coursework required for this program.

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