Health Sciences Simulation Center

Health Science Simulation Center

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The CF Health Sciences Simulation Center employs state-of-the-art medical simulation equipment to teach upcoming health care professionals.

At the Health Sciences Simulation Center, each learning area is outfitted with equipment and high-fidelity manikins to enable CF students to practice health care in a safe and controlled environment.

Our goal is to make learning about health care fun, rewarding, and and engaging. Using realistic simulation, we prepare health care students to save lives and improve patient health via cutting-edge techniques.

About the Manikins

Sim Mom at the Health Sciences Simulation CenterCF's Sim Center uses Laerdal patient simulators to provide real-time, hyper-realistic symptoms and reactions to treatment. The manikins can breathe, blink, speak, etc. 

CF students get hands-on training with a variety of manikin types, including:

  • SimMan® 3G, which can display both physiological and neurological symptoms
  • SimMan® ALS, designed for pre-hospital and emergency care training
  • SimJunior®, a manikin used for simulating pediatric care
  • SimMan® Essential, designed to cover many everyday training simulations
  • SimMom®, a manikin used to simulate child birth
  • SimNewB®, an infant simulator for neonatal training

Health Science Simulation Center Nurses Station

About the Facility

Made possible thanks to private donations, the Health Sciences Simulation Center opened in January 2017. The Sim Center is designed to give real-life exposure into the daily activities of a health care professional. Within the facility, you'll find: Sim Man at the Health Sciences Simulation Center

  • Six hospital/examination rooms with all the standard equipment needed for patient care
  • One family OB suite designed to simulate child birth, neonatal care, and pediatric treatment
  • One classroom for group instruction and training
  • Three debriefing/study rooms
  • One conference room
  • One student computer area that simulates a charting nurse station
  • Control room with one-way windows for observing and controlling simulations, outfitted with audiovisual equipment for recording scenarios

Get Involved

Whether you need information about our Health Sciences program, want to visit the Simulation Center, or would like to learn more about on how you can donate medical equipment or funds, we'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch.

Health Sciences Simulation Center

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