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About the Math Lab

The CF Mathematics Department established the Math Lab to provide students with the opportunity to improve their mathematics skills as well as access to technology. Mathematics courses are required for the majority of programs offered at CF. Good math and computer skills are a necessity in higher education as well as many occupations in today's society. The Math Lab is committed to promoting and nurturing these skills.

We provide:

  • Free assistance with math-related questions
  • Free drop-in tutoring to help you improve your math skills
  • Access to technology
  • Use of computers, including many tutoring and testing programs
  • Reference materials such as solution manuals and textbooks

When you come in:

  • Please sign in. You will most likely be greeted by a tutor or the Math Lab coordinator.
  • If you need tutoring help:
    • Have a seat at a table or computer.
    • Get your questions organized.
    • Ask a tutor for assistance.
    • Don't be shy or afraid to ask for help!
Math Lab - Ocala Campus, Building 7 - Room 106, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1415

Math Lab Coordinator: Linda Sagendorph,

Math Lab Mission Statement

May the students that enter this math lab be well advised regarding their learning needs, facilitated toward gaining the knowledge they need to be successful and productive in life, and well instructed in an atmosphere of respect, security, and integrity. Furthermore, may the administrators and instructors in this math lab provide service that has a lasting impact on students' lives.

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