Faculty and Staff, Criminal Justice Institute

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Dr. Charles McIntosh, Dean of Public Service/Criminal Justice
352-854-2322, Ext. 1360, email: mcintosc@cf.edu

Cindy Baldwin, Support Specialist, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1569, email: baldwinc@cf.edu

Kat Kelley, Coordinator, Criminal Justice, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1264, email: kelleyk@cf.edu

Susan Murphy, Staff Assistant, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1356, email: murphysu@cf.edu

Al Ramirez, Coordinator, Criminal Justice, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1380, email: ramireza@cf.edu 

Mary Ann Toth, Records Technician, 352-854-2322, Ext. 1381, email: tothm@cf.edu 

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