Disability Services Forms

You may print out, complete and submit the following Access Services forms:

Application for Access Services: This form is for students who want to begin the registration process for Access Services. Use this form if you would like to see if you are eligible for academic accommodations.

Release of Information: This form is for a student to give permission to CF’s Access Services department to exchange academic and disability-related information (e.g. with Vocational Rehabilitation, a psychologist or a family member).

Accommodation Request Renewal: This form is for students who are already approved for accommodations and would like to request accommodations for the next term.

Access Services Testing Form: This form is for students, who are approved for testing accommodations, to give to their instructor two class periods before a scheduled test.

Seizure Response Plan Form: This form is for students to provide their preferences on CF's response in the event of a seizure. 

Testing Accommodation Procedures

Transcript Request

Disability Services

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