Services and Accommodations

For Students with Disabilities

Qualified students with disabilities participate in non-segregated programs and courses at College of Central Florida. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for services in all program areas of the college including:

For students seeking non-credit, continuing education or adult education click here.

Reasonable Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires an institution of higher education to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations to a qualified individual with a documented disability, provided an accommodation does not fundamentally alter the nature of the course or program. Reasonable accommodation is provision of an auxiliary aid or modification to the course or program allowing access to the educational program, material, activity or degree. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the institution of his/her need for accommodation.

Some examples of reasonable accommodations include:

  • Modified testing conditions
  • Note-taking, scribe and exam reader services
  • Assistive hardware (e.g., large screen monitors and FM system)
  • Assistive software (e.g., screen readers, screen enlargers and speech recognition)
  • Substitution of appropriate and reasonable admissions, program or graduation requirements
  • Audio textbooks
  • American Sign Language interpretation
  • Collaboration with community agencies (e.g., Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of Blind Services, etc.)

The ADA does not require colleges to provide personal assistants, tutors, loans of textbooks or personal assistive technology. Whenever possible, Access Services will refer students to agencies which may provide these types of services.

Accommodations are not made when they would reduce academic expectations, standards, or eliminate essential course or program components. For example, open book testing or exams are not provided as a disability-related accommodation.

Disability Services

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