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Please choose from the links below for specific information about testing policies, prohibited items, acceptable IDs, and more.

Testing Requirements and Acceptable IDsCheck-In/Out Procedures and Security PolicyFrequently Asked Questions

Testing Dishonesty and Behavioral Guidelines

Remote Testing

Policies and Procedures

Prohibited Items

Information for CF Instructors

Civic Literacy Requirement
The steps to successfully test at the Testing Center:

Before Testing

Step 1:Learn as much as you can about the test you intend to take by visiting ourTest Directoryand finding the information about that exam.

Step 2:Prepare for the assessment by utilizing any available study material found in the Test Directory.

Step 3:Find the Testing Center closest to you. Call ahead for an appointment, if necessary.

Step 4:Review ourAcceptable ID and Testing Requirementsand prepare to bring the appropriate identification and paperwork.

Testing Day

Step 1: Follow theDishonesty and Behavioral Guidelineswhile at the Testing Center.

Step 2:If your exam requires payment, you can choose to pre-pay byregistering for the testor come in at your convenience/the time of your appointment with your form of payment.

Step 3:Check theProhibited Items Policyto find out what personal belongings you should leave at home.

Step 4:Please whisper or keep a lowered voice while in the Testing Center. We share an atmosphere similar to a library.

After Testing

Step 1:Pick up any testing aids given to you during the exam and leave the testing room as quietly as possible. See the front desk staff to retrieve any personal items from your locker.

Step 2:You will be asked if you would like to fill out a quick survey telling us about your experience.

Step 3:Enjoy the rest of your day!

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