Information for CF Instructors

If you would like to facilitate an exam for the testing center you will need to adhere to the following steps:

Step 1 – Fill out the Instructor Sign-In Sheet. The testing staff will utilize this form as contract between the testing center and the instructor. The form can be used for Testing with or without accommodations on all three campuses (Ocala, Levy and Citrus). Please confirm that all of the information is correct before submitting. If you are doing more than one test for a course with the same proctoring instructions, please include that at the bottom of the form. You can utilize the same form for every test, as long as the proctoring instructions remain the same. If the proctoring instructions differ from one exam to the next, please fill out a form for each exam.

Step 2 – The submit button on the form will only work on Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox you will have to save the form to your computer and then email it to or print the completed form and drop it off at your local Testing Center.

Step 3 – Wait for a confirmation email from the Testing staff. We will create a section for your exam in the Testing Center catalog so your students can register to take the test. We will keep the instructor form in a secure location and administer the test according to the proctoring instructions you provided.

If you need help or have questions you can contact:

Vajiha Farooq | | Ext. 1332
Priscilla Adams | | Ext. 1395
Charles Anderson | | Ext.1523

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