FAQ E-Learning

Q: How are e-learning courses different from traditional classes?

A: CF offers two primary types of e-learning offerings:

  • Online courses are conducted primarily via the Internet, although some have required proctored exams. 
  • Hybrid courses blend online instruction with a traditional classroom experience. A typical hybrid course will meet on campus one time per week and the remainder of the content will be delivered online.

Q: Do I need to complete the standard admissions process to enroll in e-learning courses?

A: Yes. Please visit the Get Started page for more details.

Q: Do e-learning courses cost the same as traditional courses?

A: Hybrid course fees are exactly the same as those of a traditional course. Online courses charge a $10 per credit e-learning fee, in addition to standard tuition and fees. 

Q: What technology do I need to complete an e-learning course?

A: E-learning courses may be completed using almost any computer running a recent version of any of the major web browsers. Mobile applications are available free of charge, for iOS and Android devices. 

Q: Who teaches e-learning courses?

A: E-learning courses are taught by credentialed faculty members, many of whom also teach traditional classes.

Q: What is the academic workload like in an e-learning course?

A: Online and hybrid courses are designed to be academically equivalent to traditional courses. Students often report spending more time on e-learning courses because of the self-directed nature of the instruction. This increase in time is offset by the flexibility offered, especially in online courses. 


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