CF Quality Certified Courses

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing flexible, accessible and quality courses, we would like to recognize faculty whose courses have been reviewed using the CF Quality Course Standards.

Course CodeCourse NameFaculty Name
AMH2010United States History to 1877James Meier
ARH2051The History of Art II (1500 A.D. to 20th century)Michelle Wirt
BSC2085Human Anatomy and Physiology IAndrew Thompson
BUL2241Business Law ICarol W. Smith
BUL3130The Legal and Ethical Environment of BusinessCarol W. Smith
CET1278A+ FundamentalsSandra Davis
CET2180Practical PC TechnicianSandra Davis
COM3120Organizational CommunicationsSandra Davis
DEP2004Human Growth and DevelopmentTammi Viviano-Broderick
ENC1101Freshman Composition Skills IMae Sands
ENC1102Freshman Composition Skills IISerafin Roldan
HSA4421Policy and Legal Aspects of Health CareSteven Wilder
HSC2140Drugs in SocietyGlenna Morelock
HUM1020Introduction to the Humanities

James Meier

Michelle Wirt

HUN1201Human NutritionSharon Gow
INR2002International RelationsJohn Anene
ISS1013Introduction to the Social Sciences

John Anene

Jay Thompson

LIS2004Internet ResearchElizabeth Minnerly
MCB2010MicrobiologyAndrew Thompson
MGF1106Liberal Arts MathematicsJune Jones
PHT1000Introduction to Physical TherapyPatti Hooker
PLA1003Introduction to the Paralegal FieldCarol W. Smith
POS2041American National GovernmentJohn Anene
PSY2012General PsychologyTammi Viviano-Broderick
REL2300Comparative ReligionsLuke MoonOak
SLS1501College and Career SuccessJana Bernhardt

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